Retro City Rampage EU Release Date Confirmed

It’s been a recent cause for frustration for EU PlayStation owners that Retro City Rampage has been missing from our store since its US release almost a month ago. Worry no longer, Europeans (and Asians, by the way), it’s coming next week on January 16th.

The developer, Brian Provinciano, says in the press release “I greatly appreciate everyone’s patience. Your wait was not without merit and you’ll be enjoying the best possible game from day one. It boasts an additional month of development, polish and improvements since the original North American release, which has dominated the charts; sitting at #1 on PS Vita downloads since it was released”

The game is Cross Buy and Cross Save compatible, so the $14.99 price nabs you a version for PS3 and for Vita and your save works on both. If you’re not convinced yet, take a look at the fifteen minute developer overview below and see if this mix of top-down open world nostalgia and tongue-in-cheek sending up of videogames and their culture from the ’80s and ’90s is up your street.

Source: Press release.


  1. Will be interesting to see what the TSA community make of this game. I checked it out on Xbox and, while the retro theme is undoubtably cool, the actual game gets boring quite quickly.

    • At the price I might be interested to see that as well. I was surprised the amount of hype on the game really although it does look pretty good. Then again I can’t see why heaven and hell should stop for people because Sony have not yet brought RCR or CS:GO. Its just a single game after all.

    • That’s what I feared, which is why I’m not going to buy into it at that price.

  2. This is free on Plus in the US at the moment… I asked Greg Moore whether it’d be the same for Europe but seems that’s a call for the Sony guys.

  3. I’d better not be priced at 15 Euro. The US already had it free for plus and discounted at 10 dollar…

  4. £14? is this a typo?

    • $14.99 is the price on the press release. I’d hope that’s adjusted sensibly for GBP but it’ll probably just be a symbol conversion for Euro.

  5. I won’t be buying this. It might be an ok price for both versions, but I’m not interested in playing this on my PS3. Let’s hope they sell this in separate packs.

  6. This game is really good. Great art, good stort and awesome “pop culture” references. Definately worth a purchase.

  7. Wow – Well that’s a little more expensive than i was expecting tbh.

    I wanted to give it a go (for the past video game references more than anything), but i think i’ll give it a miss. At least until a price drop or offer comes along.

    • Oh yes… I am back to moan about pricing of titles. How you must all have missed that! ;)

      • DAMNIT! I’ve just finished clearing out your storage space in the forums. Bloody forrest and his return… *goes off grumbling and puts back Forrest’s stuff.*

      • As long as it goes somewhere safe, i don’t mind.

        Just make sure all my porn is still there when i return properly (& not stuck together like last time!) & i’ll be a happy bunny. :)

      • I gave your porn to MJB and Mike. What do you own a slutty tree? O-o As well as a bark covered dildo. *starts to back away slowly from forrest*

  8. I’d put a £7.99 price limit on this, so looks like I’ll be waiting a while!

  9. Frankly, it’s about bloody time, whatever the price.

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