BBC Highlights CES 2013 Booth Babes

After last year’s kefuffle at the Eurogamer Expo, you would have thought the organisers behind CES 2013 would have taken note, but apparently not. “Some visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas are angry that the so-called ‘booth babes’ are back despite much criticism at last year’s event,” reports the BBC.

They had approached the subject last year and video shows an unnamed man, presumably a representative of CES, describing the story as “cute but frankly irrelevant.”


This year the ‘babes’ are back in force and the BBC has produced another video but this time the organisers of CES refused to discuss the scantily clad ladies spread across the show floor.

Rachel Skylar from Woman’s tech group ‘Change the Ratio’ points out the obvious fact – tech is no longer just for men.

Edit: The Flash plug-in for Chrome might not be displaying that video correctly for everyone but it auto-plays through the source link if you are having issues.

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Source: BBC



  1. Unmanned man… He’s a robot? That’s amazing, I need to go to CES next year.

    • haha, missed that in the edit – fixed now :)

  2. “Rachel Skylar from Woman’s tech group ‘Change the Ratio’ points out the obvious fact – tech is no longer just for men.”

    I’m not sure if it was ever just for men.

    • true, but it was almost exclusively marketed at men and it was men who were spending the most on it (perhaps due to the marketing situation?). That’s still the case but to a much lesser degree so the marketing should (and it is, mostly) catch up.

  3. While tech is no longer just for men, I’m sure they still represent a huge chunk of the target audience of what is displayed at these events.
    These “booth babes” are not held at gunpoint to stand there and present themselves next to new electronic devices. Hell, my fiancé enjoys looking at beautiful women. I get where they are coming from but it seems like they are making a much bigger deal out of it than it should be.
    Please don’t interpret this as male chauvinism.

    • I agree with you entirely.

    • Nicely argued, and I dont have a problem with booth babes. What I do have a problem with is that they are all female. Lets have a bit beefcake on display please.

  4. Sex sells and because we still have the horny 12 year old image, they will continue to use booth babes. And i don’t mind if they continue to use them as long as the women feel perfectly okay with it and are treated with respect. As well as having the right to knee an arsehole in the balls. Although it would be nice to see publishers put actual effort into marketing the game at shows like CES instead of going “here is a booth babe, now buy our game and we’ll throw in a naked female character for free”.

    Why do i get the feeling some developers will try to have female leads in skimpy outfits that serve no use just so that they can have a women cosplay as the female lead in order to sell the game?

  5. Just wondering if such a fuss would be made if male models were used as ‘booth babes.’ Somehow I don’t think so

    • In a perfect world, no. But sadly there is still so much homophobia going on in the world (especially when it comes to the male sex) that they would make the fuzziest of all the fuzzes…

  6. It works. If the women being booth babes are happy being booth babes, i see no reason why anyone else should care.

    • Doesn’t work in Firefox 17.0.1 (does that mean I’m using a Beta? Since when did Firefox get into double digits?). The link works a treat though, god bless the straightforward addressing system adopted by the internets.

  7. I’d like to see them far more tastefully dressed but would also like to see guys being used as and when the industry shows an interest and the ratio becomes more even with the visitors to the show.

    Sex sells, we all know that and it’s not going to go away. However, it can be handled far better than this, that’s for sure.

    • You’re in the work place, dress for work.

      Eurogamer doesn’t allow booth babes, but I seem to remember a company turned up with some, I think EG told them to dress appropriately or leave.

      You’re right sex does sell it’s omnipresent, but attractive people sell… However they’re dressed.

  8. I don’t know what all the fuss is about, if you don’t like it don’t look at them.
    As for exploiting the girls, nobody’s forcing them and some may be glad of a job.

  9. Doesn’t play on PS3 even by clicking the link :(
    Oh well, looks like youporn 4 my jollies then ;p

  10. Vegas baby!!

    Only 18 more weeks till I’m there

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