PSN Web Store Will Feature Automatic PS3 Downloads “Eventually”

On the Xbox 360 you’ve been able to buy and queue up downloads from Microsoft’s web interface for some time. Sony recently made some moves in the right direction by opening up a similar online portal, but with half the feature set.

Thankfully, that appears likely to change at some point, with one report highlighting that downloads are to feature – albeit with a slightly troubling rough timescale of “eventually” – it’s not looking like it’s going to happen very soon.


The online store will also be rolling out to the States, too.

The ability to browse the Store (and buy content) is fine, of course, but it’s in getting the console to wake up and start downloading that content where the real benefits are. If you could set the PS3 downloading during the day and get home to lots of freshly installed goodies, that would be great.

Hopefully “eventually” isn’t too far away, but presumably this will all be in place for PS4 when it arrives later this year anyway.



  1. This will be great, especially seeing as the console store still a) runs like poo b) still crashes my machine (sometimes) and c) doesn’t have all of the current weeks’ content under the “New This Week” section.

  2. The new store is only a visual improvement over the last one, but the usefulness and speed of it are debateable…
    I might try out some demos again, if they ever add the remote download feature to the web store.

    • Agreed it looks good but the use ability is awful and its slow on the web and chronic on the PS3.

      • I just find logging in slow. Once I’m in I have no problems. My phat PS3 is slower than my slim though, but that’s due the wireless hardware inside them.

  3. I find using the web store quicker than the ps3 , so what I do is go on the website select what I want add to my download queue then before I go to bed set the ps3 off downloading if I did this during the day I would fall fallow of BT traffic management .

    • Also if they could add this to PS+ as I have my ps3 do updates in the early hours if it could check with the store see what I downloading and it does it

  4. Unbelievable. You sit here thinking “we’re 77,000,000 PS3s into the life of this console and they still can’t get basic features out for the consumer”. I really do wonder if they have just the one developer in the office doing absolutely everything.

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