UNO The Top Selling PSP Game As Vita Hack Causes Sales Spike

UNO on the PSP is the latest game used as an exploit to get around the PS Vita’s PSP mode security.

Via a sneakily modified save game, users could fire up UNO on the Vita and then find the normally fairly robust protection circumvented. Sony pulled UNO pretty quickly, but that hasn’t stopped the game selling more than everything else last month.


Indeed, UNO sold more than Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, NBA 2K13 PSP, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Star Wars: Battlefront II last month in the US, with the US Blog making no mention (understandably and predictably) as to why.

The exploit still works, with presumably a firmware update on the way to lock out the workarounds. Of course, you can’t buy UNO any more as the game is no longer on the PSN Store, but it does go to show just how many people are keen to at least try the exploit.

The exploit doesn’t affect the Vita side of things, it’s just the Vita’s PSP mode.

Other games affected include MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, Mad Blocker Alpha and Everybody’s Tennis, with the games all being removed from the Store until the security holes can be patched up.



  1. I guess people really like their emulators….

  2. Lol

  3. Hilarious.

  4. I was contemplating doing this for one game only and that was Kingdom Hearts but decided against it as i didn’t want to mess around with my Vita.

    Curse you Square Enix for not putting it on the store :(

    • hack a Vita…. to play one game? Kingdom Hearts. ok.

  5. I really don’t get why you’d buy a £200 Vita then mess around trying to hack it.

    • So you can play twenty year old Nintendo games on your new device.

    • More like so you can play psp games not offered on PSN. I think most people bought it just in case and haven’t even used it yet.

      • I’d rather just use a psp than risk knackering up my vita. Psp’s are very cheap 2nd hand now.

  6. @starman: Makes sense, I installed the exploit to try it out and then deleted it. Not worth the risk to play a few old psp games or use emulators.

  7. I’m sorry but all this hacking is pathetic. It just baffles me why you’d want to potentially mess up your console just to play a game from a different console (emulators or old psp games).

    All these hackers seem to think they are geniuses for figuring out how to hack a system. That’s like having a front door and insisting on climbing in through the window. Just use it for what it’s made for.

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