Get in the Dust 514 Open Beta From January 22nd

Dust 514 is a very interesting idea coming to the PlayStation family this year. It will pair a team-based multiplayer competitive shooter on the PS3 with a management application on the PS Vita and, perhaps most excitingly, a large scale, economy packing well established MMO on the PC.

If that sounds like it’s right up your street, and you haven’t already got access to the beta via one of the many methods of invitation (or the PSN pack that buys you in), prepare to jump in. The open beta will become available to all on January 22nd.


There’s no stats-reset for those who have been playing the closed beta already, so newcomers may have a little bit of catching up to do. CCP seems to be set to continue the development of the game right through these beta stages and even beyond with a promise of continual tuning and deeper integration between Dust 514 and Eve Online.

Expect the open beta to appear for free download in next week’s PSN Store update.



  1. Ok I don’t want seem dumb here but open & closed beta what’s the difference?

    • Ok never Mind I think I get it open is for everyone else & closed is private only invitation

  2. I used to be so keen on this, was in my most anticipated top 10 for last year (before the delay) and now it just holds no interest for me. No idea why.

    • play the beta and it will confirm that you are making the right decision, its awful

      • Serious? That is a bit disappointing. Is it because it’s a beta do you think or is it screwed forever more.

      • I wont make any more comments, just try it. Personally I thought it was a great idea, just doesn’t work though. Controls poor/confusion all round and just feels clunky and doesn’t really do anything that well

  3. Haven’t played much of the beta, despite the constant updates. Everything seems so confusing.

  4. After playing the Beta (admittedly only for a limited amount of time) Dust has completely sunk off my radar. The whole experience was messy, the gameplay was distressingly slow, and there was nothing there to convince me that it will be a viable competitor to online FPS’s like COD and Halo.

    • Ditto
      I tried to get into it but it just didn’t grab me so I deleted it.
      Maybe the full game will be better.

  5. “There’s no stats-reset for those who have been playing the closed beta already”

    Not entirely true, as there has been a reset in the last few days. Cash and experience should be much closer for those joining this game. Of course, those that play Eve Online will soon be able to transfer money to Dust characters, but skill points will be more balanced.

  6. All the comments i’ve been reading from here and other sites, seem to be suggesting that despite being in a state of Beta testing for some while now, developer has pretty much ignored the feedback given, as it’s still clumsy, confusing, below average for a PS3 FPS, more like something you’d expect to find on say PS2, would that be fair comment?.

    If as it’s sounding the ambitions are there, but the basic FPS mechanics are seriousily lacking, would they not be better off fixing these, rather than putting in say Vita support?.

    Amount of bad mouthing games getting, it needs to turn itself around sharpish.

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