Timed Exclusive Dead Space 3 Demo Hits Xbox 360 Today

A quick reminder that if you signed up for the Dead Space 3 demo you should, this afternoon, get an email with a code in it. That’s also assuming you’ve got an Xbox 360 (the demo is timed exclusive) and an Origin account, as you’ll need both.

The demo is expected to roll out to the rest of the world (well, PlayStation 3 owners anyway) next week. Hopefully this exclusive window doesn’t mean that there’s a gulf in the quality of the game for other platforms.


Dead Space 3 has seen plenty of focus for Microsoft’s console – including some very fancy but slightly pointless Kinect controls – and this week-long sneak peak at the playable demo is just part of EA’s deal with the platform holder.

The demo is a 2 GB download.



  1. Got Dead Space 2 through PS+ and still haven’t played it so not really a big deal for me.

  2. Dead Space 3. Another EA game I wish I could buy, but won’t because it’s published by EA.

  3. Currently downloading, hoping it is good and continues what I think to be a good story.

    • Obviously I mean the full game continues the story not the demo lol.

  4. Wow, this is scary stuff! Wait … it is not, it is dumbed down, made more family friendly.

    Attention TSA staff WeView Verdict in a couple months time, here is my vote:

    Avoid it.

    Advise: replay first and seconde one on toughest level.

    • That’s a bit harsh since you haven’t played it yet :O

  5. Well, personally, I think it looks absolutely great and can’t wait to play it!

    Why wouldn’t you buy it, just because it’s published by EA? Even if you don’t like EA for whatever reason, at the end of the day, it will only be you who misses out.

    Even if it is more ‘action’ orientated than the last two, it’s still clearly gonna be an extremely atmospheric, highly polished, 3rd person shooter.

    • I saw a playthrough of the demo and it looks fantastic. Sadly this won’t have local coop (I’m guessing). I honestly think it would be scarier if it had local coop. Imagine you got split up from your friend and a scary scene comes up for him and he freaks, which also scares you and by the time you realize the action is not affecting your part of the game, something else appears on your end.
      The only thing that’s putting me off is the Origin account thing… and the fact that I still haven’t finished DS2 and don’t have a 360.

    • I’m the same – to be fair the DS bashing started on a couple of early TSA articles by the writers, which was quite annoying, and all these people saying how it’s not scary even though they haven’t played it yet. This and Tomb Raider are my most anticipated game this year – I’d be more concerned about the human enemies and the cover-system, than how scary it is. And that aside, DS has some of the best graphics, lighting, enemies, story, speach, integrated cut-scenes and weapons I’ve seen in a 3rd person shooter on PS3, so I’m confident this’ll still be a decent quality game in it’s own right, regardless of whether it’s a survival horror game or not.

  6. Timed-exclusive demos. Such a dumb idea. Surely you want everyone to try out your new game? Particularly when it has to win most of the Dead Space community back after its terrible trailers and gameplay footage.

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