Sony Giving Away PlayStation Mobile Games

Sony are giving away six PlayStation Mobile games – one a week, for the next six weeks. The first is Samurai Beatdown, a “colourful 2D rhythm action brawler in which you defend yourself by tapping in time to the music” – which whilst not the best PSM game, it’s is a nice place to start.

Another game will be made free next Wednesday, and so on until the promotion is up. It’s actually pretty good – the games are totally free and you just need to download them from the PSN Store on your Vita as normal. Remember Mobile games work on other Android devices too.

Sadly, PlayStation Mobile is only available in a limited number of countries – Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia – it’s baffling that it’s still not available in Ireland, for example.


  1. I searched Google Play Store, it’s not on there.
    If it works on Android, is it downloaded off Play Store?
    The fact it’s not there could mean I have to download off PSN, or it could mean it’s not compatible with my Galaxy Note 2.

    • Sony devices and the HTC One series are the only officially certified devices, unless you’re rooted a follow this guide & then your mileage varies with some saying it all works fine & some saying the odd game doesn’t work.

    • PlayStation Mobile for Android app can be downloaded from here

      • For certified devices, unless you follow the guide in my link above for varying results.

  2. I expect it to turn up in Ireland with the video store in about *when hell freezes over* years.

  3. Mobile! Arrgh…… I want to give Sony money, but they won’t let me. But giving away free stuff to others, sure.

  4. The Store is pretty empty, I’ve only got Lemmings as it was free. I was hoping they’d be more Mini-type games, but I was pretty disappointed. Free games though but I’m not complaining!

    • …Still no Game Dev Story etc etc disappointinish.

      • It could of been great, but there’s nothing on it.

    • There are loads of great games on it. :)

  5. Sweeeeeeeet great news, they will keep us update, when it’s ready. Just like the video store, the youtube app, the psvita youtube app, the psvita netflix app. Can’t wait for an update, gonna be awesome, one should be there soon for the video store, considering they promised it three years ago.

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