Derrick The Deathfin Developer Discusses Vita Version And Sequel

The quirky underwater puzzle/racer Derrick The Deathfin is currently 25% off, with an additional 30% off for PS Plus subscribers, this week. The deal’s a good one (the game is well worth a look) – it’s basically less than the price of a coffee for Plussers, and it probably tastes much better too.

However, it’s mention of a PlayStation Vita version of the game in the PlayStation Blog post that has got tongues wagging, and there’s even a teaser of a fully fledged sequel in there. We couldn’t let that slide without quickly following up with the developers.


“Derrick has been growing in popularity since his release last year, with sales now happily trending upwards,” said Gordon at developers Different Tuna. “We released at a crazy busy time & had a slow start – as is well documented – so that might account for it.” Initial figures for the game weren’t great, but it’s good to hear that’s changing for the better.

And that Vita version? “We definitely would love to bring something to Vita, whether that’s a full release or a PS Mobile title, part of the Derrick tale or something else entirely. Mysterious eh? We just haven’t decided yet,” teased Gordon.

And a proper sequel is still on the cards, apparently, although it looks like it depends on how many people pick up the first game. “A Derrick sequel would be amazing to do, we have so many ideas,” said Gordon to TheSixthAxis. “So if you want to see it happen pick up the game without delay!”



  1. Seriously, this game is great fun! Glad to see the sales are picking up for it.

  2. Good to hear the sales were picking up, it looked quite creative and although I don’t have it yet (Too many things at the moment and not enough cash!) It’s also nice that the developers are confident to have other projects on the go.

  3. PSN gem hope a Vita version happens.

  4. I’d far rather by most PSN games for my Vita than PS3, playing on my Vita is just far more practical

  5. Sure, it released at a busy time, but the developers also replied to comments on the announcement Blog post saying that they would look into a Vita version. Given that third parties have hardly been eager to jump on the cross-buy bandwagon, I can see why people were hesitant to buy it. I would gladly have picked it up at launch (it was a good price) or on sale (even better price), but I rarely play on my PS3 but my Vita instead now, and I didn’t want to be shafted.

  6. It would be lovely , as they are re-doing it for Vita, if they could adjust the jumping mechanic a tad. That’s the one thing that has interrupted my enjoyment of this otherwise charming little game.

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