Sony Announces Red And Blue PS3s For Europe

Sony has today announced two new PlayStation 3s for Europe, in striking red and blue flavours to match the rest of your colourful AV equipment.

According to PlayFront the two new models are the latest 500GB versions, and will come with two DualShock 3 controllers.


red and blue ps3s

They’ll be available from the 20th of February, for 330 Euros, although they’re already available to pre-order from Amazon in some European countries.

No word on whether they’ll be available in the UK.

Update (25th Jan 2013): We’ve just had a press release through confirming a UK date for these consoles – February 15th. They’re limited editions but there’s no word of pricing for the UK yet.



  1. 2 controllers oh lawd, here is my money, those pads ain’t cheap

    • Cheaper than buying a new PS3 though!

      • True that but my ps broke well the laser so was going get a new ps on valentines & this here is a sweet deal bigger memory more downloads off plus

  2. Not to be picky, but there’s a spelling mistake in the last sentence.

  3. The red one looks really nice! But now that they are making red and blue they should do that for the psvita aswell.

  4. Just a red or blue controller would be cool, but not sure I’d want the whole console in the colour. Black suits fine.

    • you can already buy the controllers separate.

      • I got a blue one a couple of months back, just for the change. The more I use it, the more attached I am to it.

      • Oh my bad, might think about getting one now!

      • Not sure why, but I bought a White one a year ago, and recently bought a Blue one. Green next.

        What a waste of money.

      • I’ve had a blue controller for over a year and its a quality one not the thin cheaply made controllers there selling everywhere now recently bought a red one and quickly returned it as it seamed faulty was cheaply made the L3 & R3 buttons and a few other buttons just didn’t feel right and not of the same quality compared to my older ones there was virtually no click to the L3 and R3 and the R1 button kept getting stuck plus you could virtually see through it especially when charging it the plastic was that thin.

  5. Red for me – sold! Need to replace my dead fatty, and will look nice on my red TV unit. Not from Amazon though, the dirty tax dodgers.

    • have a red old slim looks really nice.

      • Oh cool, good to hear….since there’s always the worry it might look a bit cheap ;)

    • I really like the red one too. I have a blue DualShock but I really like the red PS3. I don’t need it though – my slim is still going fine, if a little noisy. I wonder if “but it’s loud when it’s reading the FIFA disc!” will be enough of an excuse for my wife to let me get a new one?

      I think we all know the answer to that.

      • Haha, my wife will be the same – although it’s my 30th birthday the following month!

        My God, the noise FIFA makes is shocking – the worst part is when it’s hanging, waiting for you to “Press Start” – it’s not like it should be doing much!! :O I always press Start really quickly in fear the PS3 might break otherwise.

      • Haha! Youles, I do that as well for the same reason. The clunking noise is pretty worrying.

      • Clunking is likely to just be HDD thrashing because the PS3 has hardly any memory.

  6. Hmmm, it is kind of like chosing between the red pill and the blue pill and see how far the rabithole goes.

  7. yuk yuk yuk, who actually buys these nasty looking machines?

    • I have a red one.

      • ha ha, sorry. I just think they look ugly. Like they say, once you go black, you never go back.

    • I have a black one……

  8. Red one looks ace.

  9. Not really bothered about what colour my console is……maybe if they brought out a black and white striped one?

  10. My fanboy side will take over and I will HAVE to add this to my PS3’s.

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