Sources Claim PS4 Will Run At 1.84 Teraflops, 50% Faster Than Xbox 720

Backing up our post from a few days ago, another source has come forward with claims that the PS4 will have half the RAM of the next Xbox console. Apparently citing information from CES, VG247 state that the PS4 will have 4GB, with the 720 running at 8GB.

However, the report also mentions some indication of the relative power of the two machines. The report says 1.84 teraflops for Sony’s machine, and 1.23 teraflops on the Xbox. That’s a 50% boost from one to the other, something that might well offset that memory difference.


Remember that the earlier story also mentioned that the RAM on the PS4 would be much quicker.

It’s impossible to gauge the validity of all of this, of course, and ultimately it doesn’t really matter once we know what the games will be like (with most third party titles being built for the lowest common denominator, as they are now).

Analysts have pointed at a $400 price point for the still unannounced console, although it’s likely that May will be the month that we’ll first hear about it – unless, of course, Microsoft strike first.

We reckon the PlayStation 4 will have Move integrated, feature some kind of touch surface on the controller and won’t be backwards compatible. Speculation, of course, but given what we know from Sony’s past ventures, all are quite likely. We’ll know soon enough.

The VG247 report does hint at much more in the way of leaks soon from other outlets. We’ll keep a beady eye out for those, then.



  1. I’m SO looking forward to the next 6-12 months of this rumour and speculation circus.

    Incidentally, did you hear that Halo 5 is going to be better than Killzone 4? *headdesk*

    • I’m against all this rumour. Lets wait and see. It becomes more boring than R* drip feeding pics for GTA5.
      On a side note I thought TSA were stopping “reporting” rumour and doing more opinion based things. Why not do a piece collating all the latest rumours and posting a weekly update called “PS4 all the bullshit and more”?

      Sorry for having a pop but I thought TSA were better than hit baiting for other websites.

    • 6-12 months? Hopefully it won’t be anymore than five.

      • Well, 5 months until an E3 reveal, but then another 5 months until the consoles are out in the wild and we get the inevitable image quality comparisons. Plenty more time for rumours of end performance and arguments over which flop is better and why it matters. ;-)

        As an aside, I’m not against the occasional rumour post. The one about RAM I found interesting, given the vast disparity between GDDR5 and DDR3 in performance. This particular rumour borders on being meaningless, I’m afraid.

    • Nuh-uh, KZ4 s’gunna look so f**king real and it’ll run 50% faster, not to mention how many Floating Point Operations the PS4’ll have!
      *retreats to gastropod shell*

    • Pfft, Mario of honour:Mushroom wars is going to blow both Killzone 4 and Halo 5 out of the park.

  2. Ohh someone’s definitely trying to incur the wrath of the TSA community with all these rumour reports.

    Personally, I like the word “teraflop” so I’m not fussed.

    ….teraflop :)

    • I think megaflop is more fitting… :P

      • With tech moving so fast now, lets just hope the new consoles aren’t a pair’o’flops.

        Badum tssh!

    • When I hear teraflop I just think of a dinosaur not being able to get an erection. Poor chap.

      • Ah yes, we’ve all been there…

        Wait, what?

  3. wait a minute… didn’t the PS3 already clock above 2 Teraflops? :-D

    • 218 gigaflops according to the internet

  4. I must say, as much as I like to hear about the new consoles, I’m not used to TSA typing up rumour articles every day. It’s becoming a bit of a bore, but thats the old man in me coming out.

    I hate all the “this it potentially better than this” stuff.

    • I think the frequency they’re being posted here is simply a matter of the rumours being generally more frequent as things leak and off-the-record stuff is told to the wrong people by unsuspecting (or trusting) developers.

      We do try to keep the tone of any rumours quite obviously distrusting but people all over the internet are talking about this story now – it would be odd if we were the only site not allowing for that. Hopefully the rumour posts that we do are obvious enough that those who don’t want to read them can avoid them by not clicking through to the story :)

      • thats fair enough I guess, it’s just I get excited hearing the news, only to find out its someones Dads Dogs Auntie said something and its nothing.

  5. We post these kinds of rumours because they inspire some discussion with the community. They don’t generally attract lots of extra traffic so if they ever were an attempt to “hit bait” they’d be a pretty poor one.

    We always point out that they’re just rumours, to be read cautiously and we often have a little joke about how pointless they obviously are until something official is released. We expect our community to be smart enough to know that it’s all supposition and speculation but we think they might enjoy the opportunity to discuss what’s being reported.

    Personally, I love all the speculation because it gets me thinking about the possibilities that lie ahead in the industry that I love. Of course they’re not firm fact, that’s why we go to lengths to point out, in literally every post like this, that they’re not to be taken as such.

    To be accused of “hit baiting” considering the significant lengths we go to trying to avoid posting for no other reason than attracting traffic (and the significant sacrifices some of us have made to stick by that belief) is very disappointing.

    • I enjoy the rumours and the sparks of imagination that ensues in the comments section. It certainly makes for a varied discussion :)

    • I’m with you on that one. I enjoy the speculation. If you find it tedious and boring, just don’t read it. That’s one thing I’ve never understood about people moaning regarding these things.

      And it get’s me hyped. I want all those teraflops in my house now.

      …teraflops :)

      • I completely understand why some people wouldn’t care about rumours. And I encourage those people to not click the headline link that brings them through to obvious rumours. Reading every item is not compulsory, and nobody could ever be expected to enjoy absolutely everything we post. We have to kind of find a balance in everything we do.

        For those that do like a bit of speculation – I’d encourage a pinch of salt and then some cautious discussion about them. It’s all just about having a bit of sense really, and letting people enjoy the different things they enjoy.

    • I’ts about time we get into next gen mode. E3 is only 6 month away with a pissble earlier reveal by Sony. I love gaming and the industry around it so I enjoy reading rumors as long as they are not 100% fetched out of thin air.

      • Is i’ts pissible that you’re the policeman from Allo Allo !?


    • I don’t think I accused anyone of hit baiting, as I know TSA don’t do that. I just don’t really enjoy reading these articles that don’t really say much other than give rumoured detail. In a way its encouraging fanboys by saying it will be 50% faster etc.

      Anyway, like you said I don’t have to click on the article.

  6. 50% faster … but it’ll release six months after X720 and cost 70% more! ;p

  7. It’s good to see speculation I think? If technology is your interest, it is one of mine, then I like to see what potentially might be under my tv in the near future. :)

  8. It’s just a waiting game until the nice folk at Sony decide to tell us what’s in the magic box.

  9. Sounds like it should be a major increase in the graphics power then, comparing it to my PC which is 3 Teraflops for the GPU + another 100 Gigaflops for the CPU.

    Sounds good, if they can get the price right at launch….

  10. I don’t even know why the number of flops matters, by the way.

    • It only matters in the sense that the more processing power, ie flops, it has, the more graphics manipulation can be achieved and thus the better the graphics can be.
      Depends on the devs of course, just because it’s available doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be able to take full advantage of it.

    • The more flops there are, the more games can be run simultaneously in the floppy disk drive.

      • Well played! why didn’t I think of that. ;)

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