Dead Space 3 Can Charge You Real Money For New Weapons

I have a real problem with in-app purchases with iPhone games. Games that I’ve spent a couple of quid on that then expect me to continue to spend more cash on just to unlock new levels, get new items or top up some arbitary stat to keep the game going.

But in-app purchases in games that cost upwards of £40? That just boggles my mind.


The latest title to offer the option for the player to throw the publisher additional revenue after the point of sale? EA’s Dead Space 3, which, according to Eurogamer has micro-transactions for better weapons. Yep, you can buy new guns. With real money.

[drop2]EA aren’t shy (or, indeed, alone) at doing this, they’ve been offering similar financially-fed short-cuts since Need For Speed Carbon (and possibly even before that) but this is the first time a Dead Space game has featured little pop-ups that remind you that if you don’t have enough ‘resources’ for a new weapon you can just buy some with cash.

In essence, though, this is how the Free-To-Play market works – you’re exchanging real money for in-game money. That’s a limitless cycle and normally seen in games that are, well, free.

It’s not even just the fact that EA are happy to let you skip the grinding for these resources, it’s more that it’s immersion ruining and actually (potentially, EA didn’t invite us to the preview event so we don’t know) detrimental to the flow of the game.

Are these resources going to be in very short supply? Will players that don’t want to spend extra cash have to run around in the dark trying to pick up more trinkets like a crazy Rare-em-up?

This’ll be the norm next-gen, but I’m already smarting.



  1. Just wait until Orbis/Durango.

    It will become a rarity to not feel pushed or even have to get your wallet out every time you want to progress.

    Fuck IAPs, with a massive spike… that’s on fire

    • “Fuck IAPs, with a massive spike… that’s on fire”

      No truer words have ever been spoken

  2. Absolute joke. I decided not to buy any in game purchases for stuff like this, infact I haven’t even bought DLC for any FPS since BF3 first lot came out and I was very disappointed that they hadn’t even fixed the major flaws in the original game.

    People who like to buy and pay in game will only make it worse. So I suggest, don’t buy the game and definitely don’t purchase in game if you do buy the game.

    EA are pretty much thieves in my eyes.

  3. Wow, really EA?

    I despise what DLC has become. When it first started to appear, it was a possibility that a game would have DLC. Now it is pretty much a certainty. What made it worse was when DLC was announced before a game was released – or even worse, the DLC was available from day one.

    Like you, Alex, I think that if I’ve paid for an app on my phone, I shouldn’t be prompted for in-app purchases. That should be it – I’ve paid, it’s mine. If it was a free game that wanted me to pay to unlock the full thing, that’s cool. Or a freemium title supported by IAPs.

    To see this now come to a console/PC game is just ridiculous.

    Don’t get me wrong – when DLC is done right, it’s fine. I’m not totally against it. Sadly, very few developers/companies get it right and instead they just treat us like cash machines on a Friday night and p*ss all over us while laughing and pocketing the money.

  4. This isn’t DLC. You don’t get anything for your money over what you’d normally get during the course of the game.

    Or, at least, in theory. EA could skew DS3 so that it’s nearly impossible to get the best weapons without spending money.


    • well thats it, you are paying for something not knowing if its any good or will be what you want.

      I want a game that has everything, if I want additional levels/types of games/maps I will pay extra for it in a package, not through the middle of a game.

      Its a joke and something all gamers should avoid.

    • People just wouldn’t buy their games anymore if they did though.

      They’d lose the casual market as they wouldn’t be able to finish or even enjoy the games.

      • Or, you know, they could just have cheat codes. Or a smarter difficulty curve. Or an easy mode.

      • I know.

        I meant that EA wouldn’t make the game impossible to beat without IAPs as the majority of people wouldn’t enjoy their games anymore.

      • Sometimes I really miss cheat codes. I’d be much more inclined to do second playthroughs if they were to ever make a comeback. Nowdays second playthroughs are meant to be more difficult with some form of new game plus…

  5. I can live with it in MP by just not buying it, but if it affects my enjoyment of the single player story then that is just diabolical.
    Dead Space, from contender for the series of a generation, to EA’s whipped bitch. Nothing I’ve heard about Dead Space 3 encourages me that this is going to be a patch on the 1st

  6. Sign of the times I guess? Like a few points above, free games I don’t mind paying for a few bits & pieces but a premium title? Hell no!

    • It’s not really a next gen thing, though as we’re seeing things like this already happen. It’s also not just a console thing. I’m sure EA will implement this in the PC version, too.
      Clinging on to this gen will not change a thing. Greedy companies will simply implement their money making schemes with the technology that is already in place.

      I’m sorry if I’m missing the point. It’s been a while since I’ve read that article and I didn’t have time to go over it in detail again.

  7. Hmm, nope not even remotely tempted. Then again its an EA game so I wasn’t going to buy it anyway.

    • well said, I’ve been on EA ban since BF3.

  8. A very ugly side to gaming and one I hope they’ll be able to minimise with its intrusion.

  9. This isn’t that much different to previous games that have extra guns for sale from the store such as Mass Effect (also EA) unless like you say it halts your progression unless you grind away!

    • It is a bit – you’re not buying guns, you’re buying currency.

    • I agree, Dead Space isn’t the first game to do this – in Fifa Ultimate Team you buy Fifa Coins which you can use to buy you Packs. It’s obviously something EA try to do with every game now. The only reason why I can kinda forgive EA on Dead Space 3 and Fifa is because they don’t have multiplayer DLC, so is it really that different to Uncharted and the hundreds of multiplayer skins you can buy? In fact, this may help people who are stuggling with the game – although a difficulty setting change should be the prefered option!

      Anyway, my biggest issue is that it can potentially ruin games. One of the great things about single-player games like this is that I look forward to what I might unlock next, and how it may help me tackle a particular enemy. People who buy this stuff early are only ruining a £40 game for themselves really. Some people will obviously buy this as EA have thought is worth implementing, so aren’t the players who buy it to blame, not EA for giving us the option? So long as this is never the only way you can obtain a certain weapon, oh wait….that’s what weapon DLC is for.

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