Ex-Sony Liverpool Devs Form “Sawfly Studios”

Sony Liverpool may be no more, after being closed last August, but from the ashes of the developers responsible for WipEout comes Sawfly Studios, who announced their presence this afternoon via a slightly sparse but interesting enough website and a few Twitter mentions.

There’s no information yet on what Sawfly’s first title might be (or even what platform) other than they are currently pitching their own brand new IP alongside something for publishers Ripstone – but we do know that the studio is formed from four ex-Liverpool developers, so hopefully we can expect some real quality down the line.


The team is comprised of Mike Humphrey, Karl Jones, Andrew Jones and artist Jon Eggelton, who says that Journey and LIMBO are “the kind of experiences that we want to create ourselves.”

“As soon as news went out about the studio closure we were all approached by large developers regarding new jobs,” says Sawfly Managing Director Mike Humphrey.

“To be honest, our first instinct was to take positions with those relatively secure companies. However, the more we thought about it the more we realised that we had something more to contribute to the games industry. We knew that the only way to make our own games, exactly the way we wanted to make them, was to start our own studio.”

“At Sawfly we want to create amazing and memorable gameplay experiences under our own terms, so that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

You can follow their progress on Twitter or the official site.



  1. Probably working on iOS as they always do….

    • There’s four of them so it’s probably not going to be anything for consoles.

    • I think with thier console experience it is far more likely they will do a console title. Look forward to seeing what they come up with.

  2. I’m guessing psn is on the cards lol

  3. Ripstone as publisher? Cool that might mean they are working on a Psvita/ps3 game or maybe PSM as it looks like that are the plattforms Ripstone are one.

  4. Interesting, i’m happy they’ve formed a new team, some of them at least.

  5. Journey or Limbo esque?

    Those are two very different games. Apart from the praise they got for their different art styles (which are also different to each other).

    I just want more Wipeout or Rollcage style racing games from them, but I’ll await what they create eagerly. They’ve good pedigree and are aiming high with the name-dropping of Journey and Limbo…

  6. Get alittle angry any time anyone mentions Sony Liverpool. Why would Sony shut them down!?

  7. Sounds good, I hope it’s not a mobile title.

  8. Best of luck to them and i hope we’ll see something interesting from them in the future.

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