Nintendo Announce A Wii U Focused “Direct” For 2PM Tomorrow

Nintendo have announced another Nintendo Direct, this time it’ll be showcasing upcoming Wii U games and services.

The shock announcement, which came completely out of the blue as they normally do, is actually targeting tomorrow afternoon, with the Direct kicking off at 2PM GMT.


It’s called “Wii U Direct – Nintendo Games” and will once again be fronted by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. Hopefully we’ll get details and dates for some upcoming games, the Wii U’s current release list is pretty barren.

These ‘Direct’ videos are actually quite clever. They spring up on you, quickly build hype and expectation, and ensure that all eyes are on Nintendo, even if it’s just for a short while.

It’d be folly to hope for Zelda, Mario Kart and Mario, but it’s always worth aiming high. We’ve heard it’s mainly first party games that’ll be announced, so – well – you know.

You’ll be able to watch the presentation here.



  1. Its a great idea that Nintendo do this. Its what Sony should have done with the Vita.

    I would like to say “oh well they will learn for next time”, but they never do.

  2. Let’s hope Mario Kart incoming.

  3. :D Can’t wait. Give my wallet a good kicking, Nintendo.

    • haha, never seen someone so filled with glee at the prospect of becoming so skint!

      • ;) To be honest I’m just looking forward to (potentially) some new titles. In typical Nintendo fashion the launch calendar looks a little sparse at the moment, which sucks as I love my WiiU.

  4. Probably more Pikmin info, but I sure as hell wouldn’t mind a Zelda or Mario reveal.

  5. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of stuff they’ll reveal. My monies… on a new 3D Mario and maybe Zelda or Kirby? kirby…. omg *wallet self harms*

  6. It will be Mario, Zelda, erm…. i should really make sure that i know more about Ninty before trying to be cycnical as i can’t think of what other exclusives that they may announce. :O

    Will be surprised if a third party game from this year is announced as an exclusive due to the view that the developers have of Ninty. Hopefully, they won’t announce another dance game/singing game as i think they may have went a bit overboard with the Wii with singing/dancing games.

  7. Awesome, I can hope for F-Zero but it’ll probably be Mario Kart, and perhaps Zelda? To be fair it’ll be great to fill up that release schedule a bit with the properties that I bought a Wii U for!

  8. Would love it to announce F-Zero and Starfox. I’d be over the moon with a port of Skyward sword with real controlls too.

  9. Metroid (Prime, not Other M) please Ninty!

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