Is This The First Confirmed “PS4” Game?

Quantic Dream, the studio behind Heavy Rain and the upcoming PS3 exclusive Beyond, are working on a PS4 game. That’s according to a URL registration that associates their second work-in-progress title with Sony’s next-gen console, frustratingly still to be announced.

That URL?

Quantic Dream’s studio head, David Cage, has already said that he’s not hugely interested in the next generation. “To be honest, I’m not that interested in technology or the next generation of consoles,” he said back in May last year.

“If we could continue with PlayStation 3 for another five years it would be fine with me,” he added. “I think the main challenges are on the creative side than on the technical side.”

It looks like things may have changed since then.

Perhaps more interestingly, it’s earlier references to Singularity that might hint at what the PS4 game will be. Kotaku (or, rather, internet sleuth SuperAnnuation) has picked up that Cage previously acknowledged Ray Kurzweil‘s book “The Singularity is Near” as the main influence on the studio’s “Kara” tech demo, shown below.

In addition, although it’s a slightly clunky URL, note that similar domains were registered, by the same company, for Heavy Rain and Beyond. Indeed, Sony have done the same thing with other games: Pain, Heavenly Sword, Starhawk, etc. The URL could also point to what everyone’s thinking: Orbis is just a codename, and the console will be called the PS4.

Interesting developments indeed – whilst we can only guess at what Singularity might be about (and at least one publisher might well object) we can infer that it’ll be something to do with the Kara demo and is almost certainly for next-gen.

In the meantime, why not read our latest Beyond preview.


  1. The reaction to Kara was wonderful. It’d be crazy not to have a game with her/the ideas/the whole AI surpassing mankind thing in there.

    • I agree. as much as I think David Cage is one of the weirdest people around, he’s one of the few who could pull Kara – the game off.

      • Diluting his sensational sounding stance on things with “I’m not that interested in technology or the next generation of consoles” he’s right. It’s never been about the technology. It’s about the game… the entertainment. Hardware has come along far enough where we can visualise or create a game world with decent levels of graphical splendour and next generation means that we’ll grow ever closer to what we’re happy with when we lay eyes on any given title. With that in mind, the truly great tiles will be the ones we emotionally invest in because they’ll be telling a great story and/or taking us for a fantastic journey.

  2. Spotted “Kara” in the pilot episode of The Following the other night.

    • Same here, also seen this vid a few weeks ago but can’t remember where.

  3. It’s things like Kara that make me excited about games. If Quantic Dream could get a game out close to the PS4 launch that would be brilliant. Not everyone might like what they do but they are trying to do something different. I’d prefer to see creativity instead of just a load of shiny new sequels so I’m really hoping this is true.

    This would be enough for me to buy a PS4 as early as possible.

  4. Ah URLs, the one thing that exposes secrets more than a gossip magazine.

    I’m excited about Quantic Dream working on more material in the future after Beyond, especially as its for the next generation of Playstation.

  5. Well, no ;-) It’s not confirmed is it :-p Looks likely though :-)

  6. I’m in ! digital boobies SOLD!

  7. Second dev team?

  8. Interesting, but… Singularity is already a thing…

    • I wondered about that too. Maybe that won’t be the full title like beyond. I would have that there would be some trademark issues somewhere though

    • but its just a game Activision couldn’t be arsed to market?

  9. Interesting that Sony Europe registered Heavy Rain and Beyond but Quantic Dream registered Singularity

    • Sony Europe (not sure why Europe) also have and registered but not ps4 addresses.

      Wonder what other games you can find searching through domain names.

  10. Damnit! I was hoping it’d be called Orbis & not PS4 :(

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