News Snatch: DmC DLC, Aliens Vs. Sackboy And Flashback HD

Dead Space 3 players with a Mass Effect 3 save file on their consoles will be able to clad Isaac in some snazzy N7 armour. It has also been revealed that the PC version of the game will be a straight port of the console game and will not have any additional graphical enhancements.


Release Date Round Up: Persona 4 Golden for PS Vita will be available from 22nd February. It’s rather good, if my Twitter feed is anything to go by.

DmC: Devil May Cry is to get some rather pricey DLC featuring Vergil, Dante’s twin brother. It will have a new chapter to play with new combos, enemies and weapons and will cost £7.29 / €8.99 / $8.99 / 720 MS Points.
The PlayStation Access team obviously have far too much time on their hands.

Patch Snatch: PlayStation All-Stars Chicken Royale With Cheese has been patched to version 1.05 which tweaks Drake, Raiden and Kratos along with a couple of bug fixes, details here. Meanwhile Max Payne 3 has been updated with a couple of weapons tweaks and bug fixes, details here.

Ubisoft are rumoured to be remaking one of the best games of all time (yes it is, don’t argue), Flashback. French studio VectorCell and original Flashback creator Paul Cuisset are working on the remake which will ship with new HD visuals. Flashback Origins will land on the PSN, XBLA and Wii-U store and Gameblog has the first “official” image which is totes gorge. This had better not be another one of those amusing japes the French games sites seem to like making.

Is the Wii-U to get a virtual console allowing Gamecube games to be played? Mebbe.

And Finally, check out the new trailer for Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta, a game I covered in Snatch quite a while back. You may recall it looks rather similar to a certain other game.

Unearthed is one of the first games ever to be developed in Saudi Arabia and targeted at the Arabic market and will come with both English and Arabic voice overs. Initially it will be released on PC with a PSN version to follow.



  1. Flashback Origins. Oh… my… I think I need to be alone for a bit.

  2. I knew about DMC’s DLC last month so i’m not surprised. Not surprised that the old dante skin is £3 either. I wonder if PC gamers in america will write to the Whitehouse about DS3 being a port of a console game thus “violating their rights”?

    As for Sackboy vs Alien, Sackboy wins as he seems to be immortal and the PSA team have too much free time on their hands.

  3. “Flashback HD” is the best videogames news ever. I am SO excited.

    • What on earth is Flashback?

      • :O It was a Mega Drive game. Got a lot of attention for its character animation but it had a really strong storyline and brilliantly designed levels. Probably one of my favourite games of all time.



        It was an Amiga game that got ported to the Megadrive.


      • Schoolboy error there Peter.

      • Hang on, Davs asked what Flashback is. OUT! NOW!


        Frickin gaming noobs


      • When you say “Frickin gaming noobs” you just mean “not as old as you”.

      • Yes. Now shush.

      • oh yes, it was on Amiga first… Sorry, I didn’t get access to an Amiga until about 1994-95, I think. I got my Mega Drive in the summer of 1992. So Flashback was always a Mega Drive game to me, just like I think of the first Tomb Raider as a PlayStation game, even though it was really a Saturn one.

      • I had Flashback on the MegaDrive but Tomb Raider on the Saturn (if I recall the only difference was that you could save anywhere on the PSOne version as you took those silly save crystals with you). Flashback was awesome, not sure I ever played Fade to Black though.

    • Me too! I hope it does well so we can get Another World HD too.

      • Another World on the iPhone is actually quite nice (especially with the sharp edges and clearly defined shapes) but a full-on for-your-grown-up console edition would be wonderful. Sign me up. :-)

      • My thoughts too, and quite some time ago:

        please vote !! :)

      • Oh now I want a Turrican reboot as well.

      • with you on the Turrican reboot – but it’ll need a proper ‘clicky’ joystick for optimum play.

  4. Ha! Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta looks like all of the children of Naughty Dog’s developers wanted to do their own version. Awww… :-)

    • It reminds me of the movie production company called Asylum (i think thats the name of them) who make b-movie rip offs of their summer blockbuster counterparts.

      They are always shown on the SyFy channel!

  5. Love the walking animation in Unearthed. He walks like Crash Bandicoot did.

  6. Sackboy Alien scene is really cool! Only watched Alien two days ago for the millionth time

  7. Flashback was superb for the time, especially the rotoscoped character animation, not sure how appealing i would find the gameplay today though.

    • I played Flashback again about a year ago, it’s still really good but perhaps a little quiet and slow for today’s market.

      • I used to play it back on the amiga, but played it also about a year ago on my iphone of the app store. will deff, be re-playing in HD, dammm that pic looks good.

  8. there are many things i could argue with you about TC, but the greatness of Flashback, is not one of them.
    still one of the best games ever.
    i was never the greatest fan of Another World, but i loved Flashback.

    i wanted the Mega CD version with the prerendered cutscenes, but i don’t think they ever released it?
    i’ve got the demo version and that played as well as it ever had.

    i don’t think i’d be too enthused if they announced a hd version of the sequel though.

    and, Unearthed, similar?
    that’s putting it mildly.
    except, it doesn’t look like they have the same budget for motion capture that the other game does.

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