Trine 2 Wii U Update Now Out In Europe

The long-awaited patch for the Wii U version of Trine 2 that corrects the gamma settings in the game (amongst other changes) is now live in Europe.

As well as dealing with the gamma and colour issues, the patch also adds support for the Pro Controller, adds voice chat for the game’s online co-op, as well as German language voice acting. That’s on top of the usual bug fixes.


Posting on NeoGAF, a representative from Frozenbyte confirmed that the update should be released “soon”, and that the game will launch in Australia next Thursday (the 31st) with a discount.

The Trine 2 Director’s Cut was released in the EU and US as a Wii U launch title, and whilst it reviewed well, the game was criticised for looking more “washed out” compared to the PS3, 360 and PC versions of the game.

Source: NeoGAF


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  1. Lovely game but getting it free with ps+ means i didn’t have as much mass on it as the first game, must get around to finishing it.

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