Killzone: Mercenary Info Expected This Week

We’re hearing rumours that Sony are preparing to drop information on the next Killzone game this coming week across a multitude of channels. Killzone: Mercenary, as it’s known, is a PlayStation Vita exclusive game and is due for release at some point this year, presumably around about June or July.

It seems that certain magazines, sites and the official Blog will be running previews and information dumps soon enough, and from various sources we’ve heard – unofficially – that the game’s looking great and is pretty much on par with Killzone 3, which many expected tested the PlayStation 3, the game’s host platform, when it came out a couple of years back.


That’s great, because Mercenary reportedly uses (pretty much) the same engine, but it’s good to hear that the game is coming along nicely.

Mercenary will hopefully live up to its name, and given that the trailer above shows monetary values as enemies are downed it should at least have that to look forward. We’re not privy to any further details (sadly) but from what we’re hearing the game is going to be the showcase for the PlayStation Vita, with some suggesting it’s way beyond what Uncharted managed.

Some information, albeit in Polish, is up here. Everything else is expected Wednesday apparently.

The Vita has been the target for plenty of criticism since launch, which many citing a lack of original first party games that truly reflect what the handheld can do. From the snippets of stuff we’re seeing, it seems like Killzone might be the first of a second wave of titles for the Vita that really show off what it can do with the right developer at the wheel.

All eyes on this week, then.



  1. Some Tearaway news are also supposed to drop.

    • what is tearaway? I’m crying out for Vita titles that I want to play!

  2. I’d hardly call them rumours. Fred Dutton himself has said on the blog that info on Tearaway and Killzone will be this week. In fact Fred has actually been playing Killzone mercenaries so news looks like it could be good perhaps with some gameplay trailers.

    • Heh, just what i was going to say. Seems a bit weird to call it a rumour.

      • Why does Fred Dutton playing the game automatically mean the info will be spread across multiple channels? That’s the rumour, not that he was playing it… :/

      • Because he said that info is coming this week.

      • Across multiple channels? You can see why some might not necessarily 100% trust the opinions of an official blog.

      • But the official blog is where the information is coming from. PS EU Blog is not standalone source by any means. And it isn’t his personal opinion, it is actually included in the blog summary of what we can expect next week.

        The fact that Fred is playing it just relates to my guess that we could see some gameplay trailers.

      • We’re not publishing all the billions of press releases we get, we are SUBVERSIVE…

        We are reporting there is **going to be** a press release.

        And maybe a video.


        (God I hate fucking teasers)

      • I don’t care about publishing all articles or press releases. Jeez I was just stating my surprise that it was called a rumour that is all. Lots of people on different websites fussing over a rumour when an a official source has stated in an official blog post that Killzone and Tearaway information for Vita is coming this week. By now you’ll probably be guessing that I hate rumours/gossip :P I’m more interested in facts, they are solid (known true) and can be enjoyed :)

      • Once again, I’m saying that information coming out across multiple outlets is the rumour.

        Not that Fred’s been playing it and will wax lyrical about it on the EU Blog.


      • *chuckles*

      • How the hell can it be a bloody rumour if it’s true???

  3. Looking forward to this.

  4. Have we had a release date for this yet?

    Summer maybe? Or is this going to be a long drip-feed until the Christmas rush?

    • Well there has been some rumours about it being July, but to be quite honest its bull**** to the rumour because it is just some speculation. If Fred Dutton is playing some of the game, we could see yet another march release or maybe april/may. I’m just taking a guess, but I don’t think Sony can afford to wait until Q4 this year and Sony Cambridge are working hard on the game code (like it is apparently their primary project under the wing of Guerrilla).

  5. I’ve just in the middle of replaying the Killzone games and I’m really looking forward to having what seems to be shaping up to be a great shooter for the Vita. I just hope it lives up to the hype – and releases fairly soon!

  6. Why is my ‘Inner Cynic’ telling me:

    Th game will be fantastic, Sony will fail to market it properly/put together a fantastic Vita+KZ Merc.Game+Memory card bundle, it’ll bomb at retail and the horrendous Black Op’s Declass. will have out sold it many times over?

    I pay i’m so wrong on everything bar the 1st point.

  7. I just have a bad feeling this will be similar to COD as in very short. The name suggests a bunch of short high score missions and like The Club, then multiplayer.

    Hope I’m proved wrong as my Vita is crying out for something new to play.

  8. You poor bastards… I am the only one here that realizes Taipei Game Show in Taiwan is starting on Jan 31 and going through Feb 4th? My gawd, you poor bastards. Alright here’s the real deal, on Sunday Feb 3rd, Killzone Mercenary will have a 30-minute presentation on stage at the Taiwan TGS at 4:00 PM (most-likely their time). For those 30 minutes they will be showing the game demo on stage and revealing part of the story, after that guest will be invited into the booths to play the game hands on.

    Also Tearaway and Soul Sacrifice are making a 30-minute presentation at TGS on Sunday Feb 3rd as well.

    P.s. “thank you satan you rule!” YOU ARE WELCOME SHEEPLE

    • Taipei games show isn’t exactly on our radar, but thanks for the info. Seems an odd place to launch the game though..

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