News Snatch: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD, Curiosity And Phil Collins

We start with a cartoon to ease you into Monday, check out this animated short featuring Sly Cooper.


Bloomberg reports that Blockbuster has had more than 30 ‘expressions of interest’ from retailers and private equity firms looking to buy the failing company. The process will take some time as some of the parties are also circling the floundering HMV group who, according to MCV, could lose over half their stores.

So who’s still talking about Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube? No one that’s who, nobody seems to give a flying whatsit what is in the cube these days. CVG have not updated their live blog for weeks, the 22 Cans twitter feed has retweeted one comment about the game since January 10th and Peter Molyneux hasn’t given an interview since 2012.

The #Curiosity hash tag has been reclaimed by the Mars Rover and I would like to tell you how many people are still tapping away but as the ‘game’ crashed every single time I tried to get the stats, I can’t. Will we ever find out what’s inside the cube? Who knows (and who cares), both the game’s creators and players seem to have lost interest.


Tweet of the day posted by Dallas Police Department, amongst their reports of homicides and “7736:Vehicle accident involving 18Wheeler has NB 75/Caruth Haven shut down for clean up,” they posted the the message above.

It looks like Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD may be getting a release in the west. Voice actor Jesse McCartney who plays Roxas in the game has posted an image of a recording both and a screen showing the game with the message “For all you ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Fans. Recording the next chapter!”

Patch Snatch: The Xbox 360 version of Call Of Duty:  Black Ops 2 is getting a rather huge update which fixes quite a few bugs, balances the game and adds new features including added support for Live Streaming in all Public Match play lists. For the full lowdown click here.

There is a new picture (not screenshot) of a bloke on a bike for GTAV.

The Muppet Of The Day Award goes to Disney Infinity‘s executive producer John Vignocchi. The game is to ship with on-disk DLC and they’d like to keep this quiet, not because on-disc DLC is a touchy subject but because it might screw up a PR campaign. It might even leak future movie characters featuring in download packs for Disney’s new gaming platform.

“There’s absolute potential that people are going to see characters prior to their PR campaigns kicking off if someone does that, but we’re hoping that isn’t something that is widespread reported because then people are going to start looking for it, and it’s going to ruin the magic for the consumer,” he told Videogamer.

Remember kids, if you don’t want on your on-disc DLC “widely reported” the absolutely bestest thing you can do is tell a website that you have on-disc DLC that people should not look at it.

Anyone fancy becoming the Games Designer in residence at the Victoria and Albert museum in London? “The V&A’s first games design residency is an exciting opportunity for the museum to recognise and support this form of design and will offer a games designer access to specialist expertise as well as use of the V&A’s extraordinary collections as creative inspiration to produce new work.” said V&A residency co-ordinator Ruth Lloyd. The wining candidate will get studio space, an ‘industry mentor’ and a monthly bursary.

The latest edition of the Official PlayStation Community magazine is out which you can view online here or download for iPad here. It is pretty fancy for a magazine put together by a community and makes me wonder how much longer OPSM can last.

And finally, EA have got the hint that everyone is fed up to the back teeth with wub-wub dubstep on video game trailers and have backed the launch advert for Dead Space 3 with.. er.. Phil Collins.



  1. So I guess now we know what’s in the cube – apathy.

  2. I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord
    I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh lord
    I can feel it in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord
    And I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life, oh lord, oh lord

    • Replace “Air” with “Face”

  3. Curiosity Stats (at least this is all I could find)

    Cube Age: 83
    Layers Removed: 178
    Cubelets remaining on Current Layer: 68473559

    I recently couldn’t get to sleep. I don’t know why but it popped in my head, What was in that Cube then?

    So I googled it, Nothing. I loaded up the app. After around 5 minutes it loaded properly to find the thing still there, asking me to tap! Forget it!

    • Can you see how many people are still playing?

      • nope

      • but….. I can check again this time tomorrow and we can see the progress ;)

      • According to CVG back at the start of the month “he ‘number of users active in the last 24 hours’ graph has dropped from just over 200,000 to 150,000, and is in decline”

        Im wondering how many are left now

  4. i think they let this Curiosity thing go on too long.

    i mean, nearly three months and still no idea when, or even if, it will actually be opened.

    you know i’m half expecting this to just quietly be forgotten by everybody, i think that may be what Molyneux’s hoping will happen.
    what’s in there is never gonna live up to the hype he piled onto it.

    it does have these neat beams of light shooting up, i assume where other users are removing blocks, so there must still be some people playing
    the stats page no longer lists how many players there are though.
    well the free one doesn’t, there’s a 99 cent stats option that might.

    cool video, no pun intended, though if it’s that cold why take off your helmet?
    i know it’s cool to hate of Phil Collins, but i still like his music.

    if it’s good enough for this guy, it’s good enough for me. ^_^

  5. There seems to be a decent number of people still tapping in Curiosity, but the reasonably large stats page that it launched with was decreased to 3 a while ago now, unfortnately.

  6. The OPC mag was very impressive, but that reminds me, what happened to the TSA magazing thingy?

  7. Not a bad trailer but doesn’t sound like Phil Collins to me. Maybe a cover version?

  8. That was the worst trailer for a game i have seen in a long time. To have Phil collins ‘In the air tonight’ playing in Dead Space was awful, it didn’t bring anything to the table.

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