Graham McTavish, Voice Of Uncharted’s Charlie Cutter, Is Working On A New Game

Scottish actor Graham McTavish might be best known (at the moment at least) for his great work as Dwalin in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, but he was also Charlie Cutter in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. And, well, he’s just started work on a new game. Could it be Uncharted 4?

“For gamers,” he said, “just back from 1st day on a new project. Very hush-hush, but I think it’s going to be rather good…”


This could, of course, be referring to anything. At all. But he’s not forgotten Uncharted, and – at least – it looks like he might well be involved with a new Uncharted project at some point.

“Uncharted fans, I will keep you posted!…” he said back on the 23rd.

Uncharted 4’s likely to be a next generation game, regardless of whether Graham is doing voiceover for it or not. Cutter’s not out of the question, of course, and being a good friend of Drake and Sully suggests that his story could have some real meat.

We’ll see soon enough.

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  1. mmmm. Cutter.

  2. McTavish is great, and not just because he’s Scottish.

  3. Well, a new project could mean anything. Personally I think it’s related to this news on Uncharted 3 we are supposed to hear about this week.

  4. In an industry where it seems that more and more of a game’s story is revealed in trailers before the game is out, I think what Naughty Dog did with the Cutter character in U3’s trailers was quite brillant.

    Everyone thought he was a villain in the game up until the game was out :D
    He even was on the villain’s side in the U3 beta :P

    • One of the most well played twists I can think of.

    • Absolutely. He was an absolute breath of fresh air when it comes to believable and well acted characters in the video gaming world. The scenes with the four of them were simply stunning to watch (and be a part of).

  5. Could be Bends next game.

  6. I work at Edinburgh Airport and I have spoken to him several times. He’s such a good guy. He speaks away and is unlike most actors that I come across. I remember asking him this time last year about another Uncharted, and he told me that he was having a meeting about it in the next few weeks, that was almost 12 months ago! He said that it was going to be mo-capped on new technology for a new machine, I was thinking (PS4) at the time. So I’m guessing that’s what its going to be!

  7. I hope they do something different for Uncharted, I really think I’ll just bored from the first gunfight or something. its needs to change but thats just my honest opinion.

    • I love Uncharted but yes it is in major need of some changes. Uncharted 3 was an excellent game but I found it a chore to finish.

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