Did You Buy Dokuro From The PSN Yesterday? It Might Be The Trial Version

We didn’t spot this yesterday, but apparently anyone that bought Dokuro from the European PlayStation Store early on ended up with the trial version. That meant that the game was cut short, trophies wouldn’t sync and – of course – access to the full version was off limits.

The issue has (apparently – there’s not been an official announcement) been corrected, but anyone affected is urged to contact customer services for a refund. Once refunded, you’ll be able to buy the game again (the full version). Your local contact number can be found here.


Note that those numbers (at least the ones we quickly checked) aren’t free, which seems a little bit cheeky given that as far as we can see it’s Sony’s fault the game didn’t work. SCEE’s Jawad Ashraf apologised for the error, but said that contacting customer services “is the quickest way to rectify the problems consumers have faced.”

Dokuro’s a playful Vita puzzler, and costs £11.99.



  1. No i did not!
    I downloaded the crysis 3 demo .

  2. Its such a shame that SCEE just cant seem to getthings right at the moment, and I feel sorry for the developers of such games as Dokuro that get hit by stupid issues like this, because I am sure that (given how the news of this issue with the PSN spread like wildfire across my twitter account at least) it will impact its sales.

  3. I will never get anything off the store on day 1 because of issues like this. It’s not the first time it’s happened and has been happening too frequently recently. the fact they want to charge you to call them so they can rectify their own error is disgusting. Can’t Sony just refund those customers automatically or set up an email address for people to contact them on.

  4. Theres always issues like this with the store, its like they dont check anything is correct before putting it up. I downloaded the HD (PS3) version of AccessTV yesterday only to find they had labelled it wrong and it was the vita version. Its such a simple thing yet happens very often, smells of laziness to me.

    Why should people have to phone sony on an 0844 number to sort out an issue that is sonys fault in the first place. Very very poor customer service.

  5. ??? why don’t they just dish out codes to upgrade to the full version for everyone who paid. People are actually going to be spending money call customer services – talk about a toll for buying a great game day one.

  6. I bought it round about half past four and the issue was resolved by then. I don’t even know how they managed to cock it up as it’s not a trial and unlock, purely a full game download.

    This also begs the question, if there is a trial why is it not available as such?

  7. scee’s strict QA department strikes again. o_O

    or is it just the people who run the store that don’t know what they’re doing?

  8. Can’t they just re-download if it’s been fixed, or will they still get the trial?

    • They’d get charged again

      • Even if they get it from their downloads list?

  9. This happened with Sine-Mora and PS Allstars too when they were released. I always wait till the evening & check the blog comments before buying anything on day 1. A few games have given the full version in place of the trial (for free) but they always get sorted quickly.

    I’ve said for a long time that the PS store team need completely overhauling. 1 update a week shouldn’t be hard to get right.

  10. SCEE are a joke for messing things up on the store.
    Has this now been fixed as I am waiting to purchase it.
    Was hoping for an official ‘yep it’s safe to buy it’ post this morning.

    • Yeah, it’s fixed now (was fixed yesterday, I bought it at 4:30 with no problems).

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