Rumour: PS4 Won’t Launch In Europe Until 2014

Edge Online, in a curiously titled article, are claiming that the PlayStation 4 – set to be at least mentioned in passing on the 20th – won’t make it out in Europe until 2014.

“We’re told that PlayStation 4 will launch in Japan and the US by Christmas, with a Euro rollout following in early 2014, the delay attributed to the complexities involved in European distribution,” says the site, which is hugely disappointing to hear.


That said, this information goes against the grain of everything we’ve heard so far, but it’s not entirely out of the question. We won’t know until we get to the PlayStation Meeting, however, and perhaps not even until E3 months later.

The magazine also re-iterates other recent rumours, including a new controller, enhanced Move sticks and a better, dual camera array in place of the old PlayStation Eye. Hopefully all this will be put to bed within the month, and we can all just look forward to some games.

Edge also claim that Sony are aiming for 8GB in the PS4, to match rumours that Xbox 720 will also feature the rather bumper amounts of RAM.

Sony kicked off their teaser campaign at around 11pm last night.



  1. Will be gutted if we have to wait (again).

    Surely if they can be rolled off the production line, SCEE can get them distributed around Europe in time f….. ah yes, I see the problem now.

    • That’s how Edge want you to feel. It’s a careful plan by Microsoft’s media partners to make you feel mistreated by Sony.

      THey are much smarter than you are, they tell everyone on the US forums that European PS3 owners get stuff before they do and at the same time, manipulate Euro PS3 owners into think the US gets the better deal.

      The reality is, both regions get different stuff, but it’s carefully played by Microsofts FUD teams.

  2. Would be pretty disappointed if we have to wait if I’m honest but then it might make my bank balance look healthier.

  3. I don’t mind waiting if they make a big deal between the Vita and the PS4 on the 20th…..please Sony make them both work well together and then take your time to get it right….no rush……I will wait… I have a choice lol

  4. Why can’t they just start the distribution for Europe earlier? I understand they have to make the consoles but wouldn’t it be better to get them out with low stock rather than leaving it.

    • No manufacturer wants to launch a product with low stock as the headlines in the press are usually on the lines of – PS4 only sells 20k at launch – giving the impression it’s not very good.

    • It may be because Japan is one country and America a united state. With EU there is many more particulars as Europe is not united absolutely in every policy.

      It may just be January/February release, any later and they’re pushing it imo.

      • yeah, but that excuse is moot when other companies launch the same kind of product in a timely matter throughout europe.

      • I’d hardly call it an excuse, one can’t get past policy and regulation and if Sony are pushing themselves to get the console out as soon as, then America and Japan could be the two easiest.

      • Sony tried to do a worldwide launch with Vita (I think it was Tretton who said there were production problems caused by the tsunami in Japan), I think (hope?) that they’ll try the same with PS4.

      • The only reason Sony want to launch in America first is because they want to conquer that market before Microsoft do.
        The PS3 is still way behind in America.

  5. I don’t mind waiting until spring next year, but I do mind waiting months for something already out elsewhere.

  6. I don’t mind as long as Sony send me some chocolate truffles!!!

  7. I really hope that’s not the case…

  8. I don’t care. Day one for me being a Brit. But that’s cool as the ps3 has so much to give between now and then. If its earlier awesome :-). Remember it’s not whether the glass is half full/empty – fact is there’s something in the glass, PS4 will be absolutely epic. I just know it :-)

    • The glass is full; half liquid and half gas.

  9. THis would be very disappointing if true. If the xbox is out in the UK before Christmas, they could possibly lose more customers…..AGAIN

  10. Eh…means I get more time to save up and get most of my A-levels out of the way, so I’m not that bothered!

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