Sniper Elite V2 Releasing on Wii U

Sniper Elite V2 released last May on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and now it’s headed for Wii U, with some bonus GamePad features added in for good measure.

[drop2]It’s not the best game – it’s probably not even the best sniper game – we rated it an above average 6/10 in our review, heralding the lifelike weapon ballistics and World War II setting, though pointing out the poor narrative, lack of multiplayer and poor mechanics – including the stealth system, a core feature of the game.


Nevertheless, the GamePad features should make the game even better; by adding a mini-map and display on the GamePad, along with the ability to tag and track enemies and traps to navigate through the environments much more carefully.

The game releases some time this Spring on all Wii U consoles near you.

Source: Press Release



  1. Not exactly a great addition to the catalogue…

    • I thought it was a great game actually, much better than the 6/10 TSA gave it

  2. Not excited about the game but, hey, more third party support on Wii-U at least :)

  3. I gave up at the bit where you went inside some underground bunker complex and it became more of a shooter game than a sniper game. Enjoyed the sniping up until then.

    Hopefully Sniper V3 will take the good bits and improve on them.

  4. Massive missed opportunity with the game pad surely? Wouldn’t holding the pad over the screen to be the sniper scope be an obvious addition?

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