Little Deviants Currently Free For PS Vita

Little Deviants (7/10) is currently free on the PlayStation Store for European PS Vita owners. It was previously £11.99 (or your currency of choice) but unannounced now appears to be free of charge.


There was a demo previously available with an unlock required, but it’s the unlock that’s currently free. It certainly doesn’t look like a mistake.

Developers BigBig were closed by Sony last year, just before the game was released.

You can grab the game from here.

Update: the price is now showing as £6.99.



  1. I had downloaded the demo previously and not it shows as bought :D

    Thank you for the information.

  2. £6.29 on the Vita store?!

  3. They fixed it, it was a mistake apparently.

    • It’s strange, if the page is refreshed and prior to the user session being initiated, it states that there are two versions, an experimental and the unlock version. After that, and since I had downloaded the demo, it states as it was bought.. strange :)

  4. Shame it was a mistake. My son would have been all over it, he loved the trial version.

  5. Some of the plus discounts are not showing up either so beware. We all know how reliable SCEE is.

  6. This, Lumines and Rayman Origins were all showing free for me last week. I downloaded them because I was feeling cheeky and, well, why not? I sold my Vita last year to fund my girlfriends Christmas present, so the freebie mystery will stay a mystery for the forseeable.

    • I’ve just noticed the link under my gravatar and TSA name with my Saints Row inspired willy and swaffelled face! Who did that? Whoever it was, you’re a cheeky bastard :)

      • haha yeah I thought that was peculiar. A haunting image.

      • As long as I don’t get a reputation for it!!

  7. Damn you slow internet connection *slams fist on imaginary desk,your fired.

  8. That must be the fastest the store team have ever fixed an error.

  9. I’s a shame I missed that, I can’t bring myself to pay more than a fiver for Little Deviants.
    I was a big fan (pun intended) of BigBig especially as the Pursuit Force games were a lot of fun and Motorstorm Arctic Edge is one of the best in the series. I even bought some of their games twice (on UMD and PSN for Vita).

  10. Bollocks it’s been fixed……I’d have took it for free but fuck paying for it.

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