Little Deviants Currently Free For PS Vita

Little Deviants (7/10) is currently free on the PlayStation Store for European PS Vita owners. It was previously £11.99 (or your currency of choice) but unannounced now appears to be free of charge.


There was a demo previously available with an unlock required, but it’s the unlock that’s currently free. It certainly doesn’t look like a mistake.

Developers BigBig were closed by Sony last year, just before the game was released.

You can grab the game from here.

Update: the price is now showing as £6.99.



  1. It’s showing up as purchased under my account, well the game unlock is anyway .. and i never bought it. I might see if i can download it later when i’m at my ps3. :)

    • nope.. :)
      I did notice that it’s one of those games that give you the option to ‘Choose a Version’ ie trial/full game. I’ve only noticed that option on a handful of titles but it would be handy if that option was always available. For instance, i downloaded the Quantum Conundrum demo ages ago, tried it and deleted it. Now i have it free on PS+ but only the unlock code is on the store, so now i’ll have to trawl through my downloads to find the demo…curses..

  2. Same thing happened to The Unfinished Swan last week or the week before that.

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