Journey Bags 8 D.I.C.E. Awards, Including Game Of The Year

Thatgamecompany’s Journey cleaned up last night at the 16th Annual D.I.C.E. awards ceremony, bagging eight awards including Game of the Year (which resulted in a standing ovation), Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction and Outstanding Innovation in Gaming.

Kellee Santiago, who left thatgamecompany, applauded Sony boss Yoshida for giving the guys a chance, and the studio’s Jenova Chen commented that the game was so delayed they actually ran out of money just as the game shipped.


“Journey connects people across cultural, gender boundaries, age – and the games of the future will kick Journey’s ass!” added Robin Hunicke, who also left the company shortly after the game was released. It’s clear the game was massively important to everyone.

The Las Vegas event also saw The Walking Dead pick up four awards, with Halo grabbing two. The full list of awards are as follows:

  • Action Game of the Year: “Borderlands 2”
  • Mobile Game of the Year: “Hero Academy”
  • Handheld Game of the Year: “Paper Mario Sticker Star
  • Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition: “Journey”
  • Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design: “Journey”
  • Outstanding Achievement in Story: “The Walking Dead”
  • Outstanding Character Performance: “The Walking Dead’s” Lee Everett
  • Downloadable Game of the Year: “The Walking Dead”
  • Casual Game of the Year: “Journey”
  • Web Based Game of the Year: “SimCity Social”
  • Family Game of the Year: “Skylanders Giants”
  • Role-Playing/Massively Multiplayer Game of the Year: “Mass Effect 3”
  • Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year: “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” Games)
  • Outstanding Innovation in Gaming: “Journey”
  • Sports Game of the Year: “FIFA Soccer 13”
  • Racing Game of the Year: “Need for Speed: Most Wanted”
  • Fighting Game of the Year: “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale”
  • Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay: “Journey”
  • Outstanding Achievement in Connectivity: “Halo 4”
  • Outstanding Achievement in Animation: “Assassin’s Creed III”
  • Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction: “Journey”
  • Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering: “Halo 4”
  • Outstanding Achievement in Gameplay Engineering: “XCOM: Enemy Unknown”
  • Adventure Game of the Year: “The Walking Dead”
  • Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction: “Journey”
  • Game of the Year: “Journey”

For more on Journey, click here.

Via Gamasutra.



  1. Playstation AllStar battle royale they won something or is it cause it’s the only fighter about

    • Well there was Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Looked good to me.

  2. Golden Abyss should have got Hand Held Game imo.

    • I agree. Gravity Rush was something special too

  3. Awesome, especially the Outstanding Achievement in Online Gaming award for Journey. Online gaming didn’t appeal to me before or since, but in Journey the experience was pure magic.

  4. You know its been a bad year for games when a cheap, 4-hour downloadable game wins game of the year :P

    • It’s been a great year for games when this can happen. Just not so much for the stalwarts. ;-)

  5. Journey is art. It truly beautiful. I just wish it would re release in boxed form. Would love to physically add it to my collection.

    • I think you wish may be granted quite soon..

  6. Journey is a perfect game, an affecting interactive experience, and I wish that I could play it again for the first time.

    Of the rest, I’ll definitely pick up XCOM and Paper Mario, both of which look fantastic.

  7. Well deserved. I hope we will see more games with a more outside the box artsy feel to it. I’m a sucker for those things…

  8. This is great news. Loved Journey. Good to see others getting recognition too.

  9. Ugh another Journey article. ;)

    I’m kidding.

    I love Journey and i’m really pleased it’s getting so many awards. I’d like to see some more Unfinished Swan love though.

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