What We Played #91: Mass Effect 3, DmC, Alien Breed

What We Played

A very quick one for you this week as sadly only a few of us actually seem to have had much time for gaming. All I’ve managed is a couple of hours of Mass Effect 3 online at the weekend to tick off another weekend challenge.

Tuffcub has finished the “very enjoyable” DmC before moving onto the “rather good” Need For Speed: Most Wanted on his PS Vita. “It looks rather flat but it rockets about like a whippet with its bum on fire,” he said.


For some multiplayer fun this week he’s played some classic Alien Breed co-op with Alex and indulged in some good old-fashioned split-screen racing action in Blur “with hubby to decide who gets up and makes the coffee Sunday morning”.

Aran spent an entire day finishing off the campaign in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 and coming to the conclusion that it’s “pretty good”. Asked to expand on that he said that the pacing was good and the set pieces weren’t too “in your face”.

Having begun the co-op campaign in Far Cry 3 he’s finding it “surprisingly interesting”. On top of that, if you can find a good group to play the multiplayer with it will highlight just how well it’s been done. Of course his NBA 2K13 career continues, and he’s working through the season improving both his offensive and defensive play, waiting for a big team to pick him up.

Alex has been playing Dead Space 3 – you can read his initial thoughts on the site this morning – but simply hasn’t any time for anything else.

Finally, Kris has been playing a little FIFA with friends. Rather than his usual hopeless attempt to push Brighton to be the best in the world, this time he was just generally hopeless. Despite playing for three hours with a variety of partners he failed to pick up a single win, or even score a solitary goal.

A particular low point was a 4-1 defeat to Crystal Palace, a performance that was even worse than the actual match earlier this season. Clearly he needs to get some practice in.

So what have you all been up to?



  1. Blimey, shortest WWP ever! ;)

    Not much for me this week sadly….I got my Uncharted Fight for Fortune 100% (I think that was this week anyway), and my first Platinum of 2013 – Need for Speed Most Waned on Vita. I’ve also gone back to play the Director’s Cut DLC of Escape Plan which is really tough – the challenge trophy is almost impossible. Only 50 people on PSNprofiles have it so far. :/

    Other than that I’ve just played a bit of DiRT Showdown to earn some fans. I shall play some more this evening at the meet, and possible load up Dead Space 3 and the new Sniper Elite V2 DLC. I also want to start Sleeping Dogs although I still haven’t even loaded up Ni No Kuni yet – too many games!!

  2. Ni no Kuni, sleeping dogs, LA Noir, borderlands 2, ninja gaiden plus & rayman.

    Those are the games I keep switching between, I haven’t opened borderlands 2 yet but Ni No though awesome game it’s beautiful, I hate JRPG but I fell in love with this, reminded me the first time I ever played RPG (fallout 3) was on love.

    Sleeping dogs my fav open world gang related game this hen, better than GTA in my opinion.

    • Agreed about Sleeping Dogs. Its combat and story telling really put GTA to shame

  3. Black Ops 2 – Played a few rounds of the Revolution map pack. I like the maps but it seems I am really out of practice as I didn’t have a good round all night, something which is always frustrating.

    Far Cry 3 – Decided to give it another try (its been collecting dust on my shelf for the past month or so after all). Yup, still hate it with a passion. Gunplay feels loose and unsatisfying, the narrative is boring and the open world nature is really getting on my nerves (particularly the far too frequent wildlife encounters). To each their own of course but I personally cannot stand it.

    Dead Space 3 – I spent months hating on it as it looked so different to the others but my mate talked me into ordering a copy at the last minute and I’m really glad I did. So far DS3 is probably my favourite of the 3 (which is saying something!). Sure, the scares aren’t as frequent, but the atmosphere is still spot on and the new stuff like co-op, side missions, chapter select, etc are all very much welcomed. I’m around 6 hours into it at the moment and am apparently 22% through the game, lots of content then :D

    • Good to hear about DS3 – I’m mostly looking forward to co-op and the various game modes!

      • Co-op seems great from what I’ve seen so far. Must admit however I am doing a solo hard play through first and will then do a co-op run on a higher difficulty (pure survival probably).

      • Good plan. At least with multiple playthroughs required, they can be split co-op and solo….breaks up the repetition a bit!

      • Yup, plus its great that you can fire up specific chapters on any difficulty and the game logs your progress, updating any collectibles you find/items you pick up, etc.
        Its all nicely thought out and encourages you to revisit chapters.

      • Oh, that’s good too then. I guess it makes things easier with the drop-in, drop-out co-op too.

  4. Just F1 and Far Cry 3 for me this week. In one race in Monaco there were 14 retirees from the race. Never had that many pull out! The one’s who did finish each had a few time penalties as well.
    Far Cry 3 coop is still uncompleted, really dont like it. Doesn’t even compare to the single player. Also it seems i cant play an online MP match, every time I’ve tried the game crashes on the loading screen.

  5. Ni no Kuni

  6. I finally completed Mass Effect 3, and was sad to reach the end! I’d poured my time into it so I got one of the ‘good’ endings, and as I was playing the extended cut I haven’t a clue what information was missing before to cause so much of an outcry from fans. I could see that being able to play a game for 20+ hours and still get a ‘bad’ ending would be pretty aggravating, though in doing so you’ve perhaps missed the point of battling against extinction!

    I’ve moved onto Darksiders 2 now, which was a Christmas present from my wife. I still love the art style of the series, and so far the combat and story have been compelling, resulting in an accidental 4am bedtime the other day!

    I’ve also been playing on my shiny new 3DS, which I bought solely for Fire Emblem, but I’ve enjoyed the demos for Lego LOTR and Kingdom Hearts (which I picked up this week), and had a short bash on Pullblox which is so far pretty simplistic, but I can see it becoming absolutely horrible.

    I’m waiting for Ni No Kuni to come down in price online, as no stores have it in stock. I keep bumping into JRPG fans who are just bouncing around town trying to find a copy, and whilst I’m dying to play it £50+ is a little on the steep side!

  7. I haven’t had much time to get through my pile of shame so instead i’ve been dipping into some of my older games, blast factor, Everyday shooter, Critter crunch and on Vita i played some Pinball Arcade. Also played the Home Arcade and Bentley hackpack demos. IceBreaker was a favourite of mine when i was on Home so it’s great to be able to play it on Vita now and i think i’ll actually prefer the Bentley game over the full Sly Cooper game.
    I intended picking up Alien Breed this week but when i went to buy a psn voucher i spied a second hand copy of WRC Vita so i grabbed that instead. It’s really good, decent visually and the sense of speed is great in the faster cars. I’ve played about 90 mins of it so far and for my money it’s the best racing game on Vita. It could do with some more structure to the modes and possibly a few more locations added but there’s around 30-40 tracks as it is so not too shabby. And it’s the closest thing yet to having a Colin McRae game in the palm of your hands! :)

  8. Dirt showdown, dirt showdown and ermm dirt showdown! That level 30 trophy is such a grind!!

    • Meet tonight mate?

      • Hopefully mate when I get the kids to bed and tuck the mrs in lol!

  9. This week has been mainly Dokuro on Vita, which I have now platinumed. Started playing Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 yesterday.

    • How is Fist Of The North Star?

      • It’s fairly similar to the first one but they’ve changed a few things. Combat is slightly faster and the upgrade chart has been replaced by a more standard levelling up system (different types of karma are released from enemies depending on how you defeat them) and a scroll system (effectively stat bonuses).
        The story is a lot more faithful to the original manga (the first game had a lot of stuff missing).

      • I’m vaguely interested in it, especially as I like the manga, and the Warriors franchise. Just can’t quite bring myself to pay full price for it!

  10. Tom blitz on the Vita,i just can’t stop playing it.Loving Sleeping dogs didn’t have a clue what it was about but it’s turned out like gta/saints row.Very impressed.Also watched Spiderman bonus edition that i got as part of my vita bundle,wtf the only bonus was a 5min clip of why they put fp angles in for 3d and that was it.I feel used and violated.8)

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