Square Enix Registers “Legacy Of Kain” Domain

Publisher Square Enix has registered a new domain linked to the Legacy Of Kain series. The domain registration was filed on the 7th, last week, and pertains to something called “War For Nosgoth”. Nosgoth is where the Legacy of Kain games are set, and the registrant is the company Square Enix normally use, as far as we can tell.


The video above is from Soul Reaver, the 1999 title in the series. Richard Lemarchand and Amy Hennig were both involved – you may know them as Naughty Dogs.

Last year Square Enix were rumoured to be working on a new Legacy of Kain game, possibly a reboot. Details are thin on the ground and it’s not known whether either Raziel or Kain will star. Apparently a new art direction is being discussed, but that was almost a year ago.

There was also a new filing for a Wolfenstein domain name.

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  1. i think a reboot might be in order for the Legacy of Kain series.
    the plotlines have gotten really quite convoluted over the years, what with all the time travel and paradoxes.
    since it’s been quite a while since the last one i think there’ll be a lot of players who won’t know the series, it’d take a hell of a, previously on, segment to get them up to speed.
    so maybe a fresh start would be better.

    • PLEASE let it be like the original LEGACY OF KAIN BLOOD OMEN!!!!!

  2. Reboot or not any Legacy of Kain game jumps to the top of my need list.

  3. YES!!!! Come on Square Enix, dust off Raziel’s tattered wings and dish up some Legacy Of Kain goodness!

  4. I almost exploded when I read that title. If they’re doing a reboot it would be good to see Kain and Raziel, but with a “tidied up” storyline.

  5. Never played any of these games, so a reboot would be a nice way for me to join the party.

  6. Yes please. I want to play as Kain again, I miss being a vampire.

  7. About time! There hasn’t even been an entry in the series on 360 or ps3. I’d like a prequel to soul reaver, playing as Raziel in the years Kain ruled the land.

  8. …War of Nosgoth could hint at the time of the Anicient vampires and Hilden or maybe its just William the just. It’ll be interesting to see how Lok might be rebooted.

  9. wanna see vamps vs hilden

  10. That intro was stunning at the time :-)

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