First Wasteland 2 Gameplay Footage Released

InXile Entertainment has released the first official gameplay footage for the upcoming Wasteland 2, one of the biggest projects that has ever benefited from a Kickstarter campaign, reaching almost $3 million in donations.


The footage is almost 20 minutes long and gives us a look at various elements within Wasteland 2, including the combat mechanics and the levelling system for the characters. The setting is within the agricultural centre, which is stated to be one of the first areas players will explore upon starting Wasteland 2.

The footage itself does look quite promising, though it has to be stated that not all the elements that will be in the final game have been shown. This is most likely due to the team still working on those elements, such as the mini map.

The game will have an isometric view, just like the original. The combat is a turned based affair, though again it is made clear not all combat elements and stats have been shown. Some skills, like lockpicking, are also shown and these are dependent on each character’s proficiency of those skills.

Personally I haven’t played the original Wasteland, but I am pretty interested in this. After all the original was the spiritual precursor to the Fallout franchise, of which I am a fan of.



  1. This looks really good. Not that fun to watch, but I can imagine how once I get into it it’d be a lot of fun to play. Kind of like a squad based fallout, but without the 50’s future styling, can’t complain at that.

  2. Really impressed so far, this was my first kickstarter pledge, so I’m glad to see it’s coming along as I’d hoped

  3. Looks like the kind of game that would be perfect for me!

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