News Snatch: T-Minus 9 Days To PS4, Silly Embargos And The Return Of Pachter

More Lego City: Undercover goodness in the form of a third trailer showing how to take down bad guys. Looking good for this Wii U exclusive.


T-Minus 9 Days and counting till something big happens in the world of PlayStation, whatever it is we seem to think it will involve Killzone 4 and a recent tweet by Paul Rustchynsky, game director at Evolution Studios (the Motorstorm chappies), has indicated that they may be involved in the event. What exactly is happening is a closely guarded secret and only a few hundred thousands games writers and journos know the exact details.

By the way, that Toyah video on the Media Molecule site that has been making headlines today was posted about six months ago, keep up chaps.

A trailer for the Dark Arisen DLC for Dragon’s Dogma has been released and has been conveniently placed above this text, just for you.

This poll was posted on the official Xbox Facebook page, perhaps in response to to the rumours about the Xbox 720 not being able to play pre-owned games?


Now this may come as a surprise to you but I rather like Michael Pachter, he is quite a pleasant chap to talk to but he really should restrict his comments to the markets he knows.

“The UK games retail market is a joke, with retailers pricing below cost to drive traffic,” he told Digital Spy. Really Michael? Anyone else spot GAME or HMV selling titles cheap?

“The absence of GameStop and the demise of GAME limits the ability of consumers to trade in used games, depriving many of credits that can be used to purchase new games,” he added.

Perhaps he’s never heard of CEX or that many other stores such as Amazon, Argos and Asda also have trade in deals.

Todays Next Gen Rumour: The PS4 will have facial recognition and will log you in to the PSN by scanning your bonce.

If you missed out on the first SimCity beta then head over to the official page as they are taking applications for the second play test. Off you toddle, chop chop.

We’re not allowed to talk about Aliens: Colonial Marines until 9am tomorrow, the day of release. However many online retailers have already shipped the game, indeed a good friend of mine has been playing it since Saturday.

This also means there are hundreds of YouTube videos for the title and plenty ‘unofficial’ reviews which makes us not talking about the game for another twenty four hours utterly pointless and very, very annoying.

Patch Snatch: The PS3 version of Skyrim gets an update today and the first DLC pack, Dargonborn, will be out on Wednesday and will cost £6.49 for the first week of release.

And Finally, the first game play trailer from horror sequel, Slender: The Arrival. You can read more about the game and how to get in to the beta by clicking here.



  1. 9 days to go… how disapponted will everyone be if it turns out to be just a new PS Vita Slim haha?

    • Gaikai streaming box haha?

      • Cross party chat?

      • At least there would be games to play on it then!

      • you must not own a Vita then because it has loads of games.

    • I would genuinely love a slim Vita! With a UMD drive and 32GB built in. I’ll carry on dreaming…

  2. I’ve been trading in games in Game recently, whats pachman on about?

  3. Is Pachter really an analyst? and not a comedian?

    • he’s a entertainer on gamestrailer *thinks* yeah.

  4. Is Aliens a bit pants then? That’s the usual when a review embargo isn’t lifted till release.

    And again, Pachter. Please don’t start reporting his rubbish. He’s like a parody of an incompetent analyst. That someone can have so little knowledge, yet be listened to as a supposed ‘expert’ really annoys me!

    • It’s been getting ridiculed a lot on twitter today.

      • That’s a shame, I had high hopes with gearbox making it.

  5. “depriving many of credits that can be used to purchase new games”. Pachter uses credits to buy games, no wonder he’s so good at predicting the future, he *is* from the future!

    • Or from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

      • What? that still means he is sane. Perhaps think of a market area far far away, like in his own mind perhaps.

        GAME are pretty much rip offs except for their online outlet. Trade in prices are terrible, and their retail prices even worst.

        HMV on the other hand are not too rosy lea on the retail prices, but their trade in offers are solid.

        Online has more often than not been cheaper, and at least they bother to stock Vita games, GAME just throw together a bit of what looks good in their shops and shove it in a corner.

  6. “…and only a few hundred thousands games writers and journos know the exact details.” Really??? I am surprised they can keep their little moths shut LoL:D

    • ‘little mouths shut’ i meant :D

    • Little moths are the worst, they land in your mouth when you’re asleep!

  7. I can’t be the only one hoping that Lego City Under Cover does a Rayman Legends. I mean it wouldn’t be good news for Wii U but it would for me.

    • No your not m8,we were saying the same thing the other day when the first trailer got shown.It’s got to come to other platforms,it’d be a sin otherwise.The trailers just keep getting funnier.
      The guys voice in the video sounds like Zach brannigans out of Futureama.

  8. Part of me hopes the PlayStation event is just a lilac coloured Vita & a Dora Explorer game…. Or a 60min demonstation of Book Of Spells II

  9. I’m not sure about the facial recognition thing. Didn’t they talk about that with the Kinect? Don’t know if it does it, whenever I’ve used them it can never find my arms, let alone face or voice. It would have to be good if it were included.

    Also, just a small thing, you spelt Dragonborn wrong.

  10. yeah the sequel of the crappy horror game nobody wanted, just parted with $5,000,000 of pretend money for the fake PS4 port that has Move support.

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