The Last Of Us May Have Been Delayed

There are rumours this morning that Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us may have had its release date pushed back to June 18th, six weeks from the previously confirmed May 7th release date.

The rumours started after US retailer Best Buy sent out an email to customers who pre-ordered The Last Of Us, informing them that the game had been pushed back to June 18th.

This would give Sony another shot at pushing the game at E3, too.

However, while GameSpot have also listed the game for June, Amazon, GAME and Shopto all still have the release date as May 7th as of this morning. So the question remains whether a couple of US retailers have made a mistake, or if the other shops have yet to update their listings and inform customers. No doubt we’ll hear more on this today.

We’ve contacted Sony for comment and hopefully they’ll be able to confirm if the release date for The Last of Us has been delayed, or that this is a mistake on the retailer’s part.

Source: VGRevolution



  1. Please just be a rumour, pleaseeeeee.

  2. I wouldn’t mind, still got plenty to work through!

    • Surely that’s got to be the motto of this gaming generation?

      I’ve got at least 10 games lined up…one of them being Skyrim.

  3. Should have put the last of us 7th May have been delayed get it no

    • It’s getting progressively harder to understand your comments…

      • Ithinkitmightbedowntotheackofpunctuation.

      • Iwasthinkingthesamethingandthefactspeakinglikeyodaheis.

      • My apologies, this being the Internet & all, grammar doesn’t come in play :)

      • Ha only having a laugh. Still, I genuinely don’t get what you mean in your original comment.

      • Lol I was saying, since the game release date is on the 7th of may. The title should have said, The Last Of Us 7th of May (release date) be delayed.

        Never mind.

    • Oh, i get it! It’s a pun.

      • Dunno weather it’s sarcasm lol but if not glad you get it

  4. If its delayed, its gonna affect sales and promotions for Beyond: Two Souls, which shouldn’t happen at any cost. If its true, Beyond should be pushed back till August or something.

  5. Not a big deal in my eyes. I still can’t believe that Tomb Raider is coming out in March. The release always felt so far away that I never really bothered but now all these great games are creeping up on me.

    • I’m in the exact same boat. I put TR to the back of my mind since it was always “ages away” but it’s sneaked up on me out of nowhere.

      • What? Is Tomb Raider out in March? Damn, I thought it was July-September… Might have to put it on hold until the summer anyway with all the games coming out.

  6. Of little consequence. Nice to be updated but only when we actually know, I feel.

  7. The last gameplay they showed need more polish. (end scene where the clicker bites joel). i can wait.

  8. Ah well, we’ll see.

    Nice update you guys made to the TSA mobile site btw :)

  9. The Last Of Us and Man Of Steel Movie!! and my birthday!!
    June is going to be great!!

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