Community Round-Up: 16/02/13

Gazza’s not here, but all told it’s been an interesting week, hasn’t it? New PS4 controller leaks, scandalous game releases – there’s been a little bit of everything, as we run up to next Wednesday. So, here’s everything that’s been going on, in case you’ve missed out.

The first week of the TSA Black Ops 2 League is under way, with this week’s post doing the very important work of making sure those taking part know what team they’re in, who they’re playing against, and so forth.

This week’s match is a game of Hardpoint on the map Hijacked, with four of the five teams facing off. There are also dedicated forum threads for the task of organisation, which I hope people are going to make good use of.

Good luck to all those in the warzone this week!

Last week was a quiet one for meets, but tomorrow finishes the weekend with an F1 2012 meet featuring road races at 4PM, whilst DiRT Showdown makes its regular appearance at 8PM.

Monday then sees your usual GT5 shenanigans, which I highly recommend you join us for, and we then have Modern Warfare 2 (yes, two) making a showing on Tuesday night at 8PM, with DiRT Showdown’s second meet at the exact same time. I dare you to sign up to both (Please don’t).

After that, we’ll just have to wait and see what crops up during the week. If you want a few buddies to play alongside, you can always create your own, if you have 250 TSA points or more.

CRU2 DualShock4Blurry

The headline debacle this week surrounded the release and review of Aliens: Colonial Marines, which Al gave a very disappointing 5/10. Stories about the game’s troubled development then started rounds of alternate finger pointing and stoney silence, all of which was covered by Tuffcub.

Meanwhile, Blair took a look at the early beta for Slender: The Arrival, as well as peaking at the first PSASBR DLC, whilst Peter gave Antichamber a quick play. Tuffcub also previewed Remember Me, which you might have forgotten used to be called Adrift. He didn’t half gush about it, so you might fancy catching up on what it’s all about.

There have been a handful of blog pieces too. On Monday Kris’ thoughts turned to reviving those PS classics long left behind, before considering whether the Wii U might end up as a “stop-gap” machine yesterday.

However, this week has been dominated by the upcoming PlayStation Meeting, and we have pieces looking down both directions of our timeline from Al and Peter. Al recounts the PS3’s potted history, while Peter ponders the next generation’s challenges and a potential lack of backward compatibility. There’s also an in depth look at the recently leaked PS4 controller and Al’s thoughts on why the leak is a huge boost for Sony.

The Chronicle last week saw Phill’s fancy pants blue fans, while WeView wrapped up on Borderlands 2 before handing over Far Cry 3 for your judgement. With the podcast taking a quick break, it’s What We Played and Tuffcub’s Trailer Park that round out this week’s features.

This week on the forums, to which Al has managed to restore rich text editing, there’s been some lively and interesting discussions going on:

Ice cream pancakes work really well, by the way.

That’s your lot for this week. I’ll be back tomorrow with the Chronicle, and if you want to send me gaming set up photos, you’re more than welcome to, whilst Gazza should be back next time.




  1. Sorry but Ice Cream pancakes? That’s a new one…

    • You can put ice cream in the mixture instead of the milk too, then have the pancakes cold curled up in tubes with Nutella inside. Even better, fry them in sugar wrapped around a slither of cheesecake and cover in cream. Mmmm, calorific.

      • You fancy gormet ********!! ;D

      • In English please? :P

      • In English, it’s fancy gormet w**k ;)

    • Nice idea. I know I have tried the sort of cake style pancakes like Scotch or Irish pancakes warmed with ice cream. Taste great.

  2. I fixed the forums, btw. After about a year.

    • To be fair, it’s not like you’ve been doing nothing in that year. May I be the first to say hoorah!?!?!?!

  3. Really looking forward to the black ops 2 league. Shame nobody seems to be getting involved, organising the matches, practices and so forth. Hopefully that’ll pick up and it’ll become a success.

    • Speak for yourself YOURMUMANDME have a practice session lined up this Sunday…

      Whilst this is true, I also just wanted to make a joke with that name :)

  4. There is a valid reason why Gazzagb was unable to do the round up, the barsteward has been following me for the past week as he believes that i’ve been nicking all of his cakes. I have not as it’s not worth the effort. I only steal Mountain Dew and Doritos as the other sites pay a lot for it. Also, why have i been forced to shut down my hotdog bussiness? It contains no horsemeat and only 9% banned TSA members. I mean, only 100% meat. Oh and Adam got married to his Val Kilmer poster, then got a divorce, an hour afterwards.

    Anyway, i’m both surprised and proud that my gay marriage thread sparked a lively debate as it shows how mature we are as a community as it’s not degraded into the usual crap that happens on other forums. :) Oh and i’m apparently unheard of.

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