Rumour: Gaikai To Stream PlayStation 3 Games Onto PlayStation 4

This morning a few of us were discussing Gaikai on Twitter: would it becoming to PlayStation? How would this be possible? The Gaikai website is, as you would expect, is rather vague about any plans, “Unfortunately, we cannot share any details at this point in time.”

Happily, though, other people are more than happy to fill in the blanks, like this rather old job advert from Sony: “Gaikai is leading the cloud gaming revolution, putting console-quality video games on any device, from TVs to consoles to mobile devices and beyond.” Other jobs also listing Gaikai for consoles and mobile devices can be found on Gaikai’s own website, ironically enough.


Further to this, a recently published article on The Wall Street Journal indicates quite clearly that the PS4 will stream PlayStation 3 games:

“Sony Corp. is planning to offer technology to stream games to its next video game console, people familiar with the company’s plans say, alongside other enhancements to bolster its position in the market,” says the paper, which is behind a pay wall.

“The new technology, to be unveiled Wednesday along with the new console, will allow users to play games delivered over the Internet, these people said. The streaming service, they added, is designed to use current PlayStation 3 titles on the new console.”

So that’s Gaikai for PS4 pretty much confirmed – but let’s go back to that original job advert, it says Gaikai will be available on ‘any device’ including mobile devices. If Gaikai is going to be streaming games to PS4 then it’s not going to take too much extra work to stream them to PS Vita as well.

Wednesday is going to be very, very interesting indeed.



  1. As

    • Stuuuuupid phone. As…of yet I’m yet to see any negative press surrounding next week I’m willing to think I might actually make the ps4 my first console pre-order. As long as used games aren’t locked like from rumors I’ll almost definitely endeavour to get it at launch.

  2. Bored of PS3 to PS4 streaming now.

    Will Gaikai stream PS4 games to the PS3? ;)

    • It will clearly stream games to the PocketStation.

  3. Gaikai was a sizeable investment for Sony for a few hundred million.

    Sony had already done some considerable work of their own in streaming games and the type of low latency video coding involved.

    With both those points in mind Gaikai must have a pretty good USP that Sony hadn’t already uncovered themselves or couldn’t have been extracted from the remnants of OnLive’s administration purchase.

    So whilst Gaikai on its own won’t be a reason to buy a PS4, it will be pretty far from being placed on a backburner and will form one of the bullet points in PS4 marketing, surely?

  4. If this streaming service isn’t affordable who cares. If Sony expects us to pay by the hour or pay full retail for a game, or even a monthly fee, it needs to be a better deal than buying a single game from the PSN. I’m expecting a low monthly fee of around $10 for hundreds of titles. As far as streaming from Sony goes I need to see a price and bundle plans first before I get excited to once again repay to access the same software from a different processor.

    • Make it part of PS+ and I’m in! :-)

      • if that was the case I’d be fine with having fewer titles available and might not complain as much if things got laggy. Including it in PS+ would seem like the best move.

  5. Surely Gaikai is the future of Playstation? The PS4 will undoubtedly be the big talking point, and the last thing to be revealed on Wednesday as it’ll grab the headlines. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Gaikai forms a large part of the conference, especially as it has the potential to outlive the PS4.

  6. I’m just slightly worried I’ll have to pay monthly subscription fees to play old games (which I won’t want to have to pay for again) on a new system. Seems relatively useless when I can just play the old system, which will probably be sat next to it. Of course, Vita is more promising to me, but without 3G, and the lack of good wifi, I can’t see it being good unless I’m in my house with both other systems.

    If it’s the cheapest way of keeping backwards compatibility, then cool. But it’s not that great news to me anyway.

    • I agree. Although the idea sounds great most of the PS3 games I would want to play I already have, and like you say we’ve already got a system to play them on.
      It’s the streaming to Vita that interest me.

  7. Much of this makes sense, though I want to throw something else in there – the “share” button.
    Ever played Halo and had a message from a friend suggesting you watch his clip of him sticking someones nads? For those unaware, accepting the suggestion downloads the clip from their fileshare for you to watch via your “theatre”. It can be tedious and often puts you off due to lengthy download times.
    Perhaps Sony have realised whilst getting cross game chat a vanilla feature for PS4, why not go further and add “sharing” videos of your gameplay via streaming? One button for “record” and one for “share”.
    Makes sense as i’m one of many who will have my phone / tablet next to me on YouTube. Recently nailed the Vita browser open whilst pausing the game, same thing PS4 especially with Gaikai now working in browsers. Social features and sharing media should be at the core of PS4, Gaikai eliminates those tedious “just got a triple kill with a feather, check it out” downloads.

    • They’d need to always record at least 30 seconds in the background while you’re playing (like OnLive does). You never know when something funny happens on screen so having to press record beforehand is pointless.

  8. I’m not paying extra to play PS3 games, lol, no, just no.

  9. Awesome, all your old favourite games, now with added lag!

  10. Interesting. Throw this in as well as full backward compatability and its a hole in one :-)

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