Sony Release a Second “Evolution of PlayStation” Video

Sony are doing a fantastic job of building hype ahead of what is undoubtedly the reveal of the next PlayStation console on Wednesday.


These PlayStation Evolution videos – arriving close to midnight UK time each night – aren’t the greatest formatted videos (they feel a bit like a documentary from about ten years ago rather than something current) but they do a good job of summing up each period of PlayStation history.

This second video, which is all about the PS2, oddly lacks a voiceover yet still manages to do a good job of celebrating the PS2 – the best selling console of all time.

You can expect another, presumably PSP focussed, video about in about twenty three hours from now – that’s between 11pm and 12pm tomorrow night. Keep an eye on Sony’s YouTube channel if you don’t want to miss it.



  1. I’m dreading the next video. It will make my beloved Playstation 3 look dated and old, then there will be the long wait for the launch of the Playstation 4. At least there are a good few decent titles coming out this year. There is life in the old dog yet!

    • think the next video will be PSP, then monday for PS3 and then tuesday for the Vita and then leading to PS4 reveal, so the next video shouldn’t make your PS3 look dated and old.

      • More likely PSP Monday, PS3 Tuesday and Vita Wednesday followed by PS4 later in the day.

      • Old and dated :(

  2. More lovely stuff. To think of the dominance the PS2 had. Just stunning.

  3. There is no way the isn’t supposed to have a voice over. I think the messed something up… there are clearly sections of that video where they NEED a voice over, like the bit where they are inteviewing a guy in the crowd for 5 seconds with no sound, or where ‘Andrew Glassman’ is reading a news report with NO SOUND and nothing on the screen to even suggest it’s related to Sony or the PS2.

    How long til we get the voice over version I wonder?

    • TSA needs an edit button.

      *this isn’t supposed to
      *they messed something up

    on the playstation youtube channel, they have a version with voiceover, the sonyplaystation channel version doesn’t have it.
    it’s the same with the first video as well, i’m not sure why they put two versions up, but if you want the one with voiceover, that link will take you there.

    i only noticed because i decided to rewatch the first video to remind myself, and noticed that on that channel it didn’t have any voiceover, then i went back to the article about the first video to confirm i actually correctly remembered it having a voiceover, then i discovered that was a different channel.

    maybe check the playstation channel for new videos if you wanna post the ones with voiceovers.

    also, weirdly they muted the tv news people talking about the console in the no voiceover video.

    anyway, cool to see some of the history of the playstation consoles, sure brings back some memories.

    and did they really start that video with a sheep getting trampled? o_O

    • Thanks, I’ve swapped the videos out.

    • I thought they might have sacked him for some unknown reason. Only to be found later drunk and disheveled in a holiday inn on the outskirts of Dorset.
      That would be an awesome headline. Monotonous Sony voice over man gets the sack then goes missing!

  5. That is odd??? That EyeToy bit looks a lot like Kinect LoL:D BRILLIANT video :P Can’t wait for the PS3 one to. I guess the PS3 one won’t have mad Americans screaming ‘PS3!!! PS3!!!’ or ‘PS4!!! PS4!!!’ (say no more…) :D 3days11hours 2go…

    • I was thinking the exact same thing – feel like they very deliberately used that footage as a kind of ‘hey look what we did first!’ sort of thing.

  6. PS4! PS4! PS4! PS4!

    • EDF! EDF! EDF! EDF! (omg millionz of bugz)

  7. I’m gonna burst! I think my niece is gonna arrive and the announcement of the PS4 on the same day. All kinds of awesome.

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