Ruffian Not Working On Crackdown 3

“I know, I know it’s as shocking as finding out your favourite Lasagne is chock-a-block with Red Rum’s offspring” states the blog post from Ruffian after they casually reveal they are not working on Crackdown 3, as everyone wrongly assumed.

“It’s simply not an offer that’s on our production table right now,” they continue, which seems to indicate that either Crackdown 3 does not exist or that Microsoft have given the game to another development team.

So, rather than work on future installments of the Crackdown franchise Ruffian have become “a bit of an expert with Microsoft’s Kinect camera” and delved into CryEngine and Unity.

Concept Art

“We’ve helped well-known companies ship their titles by supplying high end concept art, AAA game assets, countless code optimizations, numerous gameplay prototypes, Xbox Dashboard apps and fully developed standalone game modes for AAA games.”

Describing the work as “genuinely a lot of fun to be part of and we’re proud of our contributions, but some of it was a bit of a pain in the hairy tits,” the team have decided to work on their own self-funded project, Tribal Towers.

The team will be revealing more of the game over the coming weeks but at least they won’t be ‘teasing’ us with countless trailers and soundbites, take note Bungie: “The first Ruffian to use any wanky marketing buzz words within earshot of me will be covered in Chinese burns in a flash then ejected from the building.”

So there you go, Tribal Towers is a thing but it’s not Crackdown 3 and it will be released on consoles, PC and tablets, “We basically want to hedge our bets a little and cover what we believe will be the 3 main bases of the next generation of gaming.”

Source: Ruffian Games.


  1. They’re a great bunch at Ruffian, it’s a real shame that Crackdown 2 suffered from so much repetition because I still really love those games and the sense of unabashed fun they have.

  2. Crackdown 1 was brilliant, Crackdown 2 was a big disappointment. I kept playing on waiting for the story to advance, only to find it didn’t have a story.

  3. Agreed, crackdown 1 was one of the best 360 experiences I had, the second one was rushed and not in the same league.

    Would love to see a real sequel, that wasn’t developed in under a year and more importantly set in a different city.

    • Yup, same here. Probably my favourite 360 exclusive now that Mass Effect is on other platforms.

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