Media Molecule Show Off… Something?

This bit had me scratching my head… but we loved every second of it!

Media Molecule are still all about community creativity, and plan on using the PS4 to “cut through all the crap” of the creation process, as Alex Evans put bluntly. They just want to let you record your dreams more directly.

All with some some lovely hand drawn animations illustrating all of their crazy ideas, he explained the difficulties of creation, and how they wanted to avoid struggling with vertexes, lighting models and even the trickiness of LBP’s creation tools, and just let people create whatever they wanted… using the Move controller.

Yes, Media Molecule are head over heels in love with the Move, and in the demonstrations, showed off how very quickly you can create a 3D sculpture. Every action you make is recorded by the PS4 (a little like Draw Something), so you can see a sculpture evolve over time, as you share with your friends.

Of course, you might not be any good at sculpture, and this alone does not make a game! So, harnessing other people’s creations, you can bind all these elements to create 3D worlds and games. All of this happening in the background, as an aqueduct, a bunch of houses and then the building blocks to create a large tower sprung up all over the place.

As the camera panned upwards to show a little actual gameplay, we think, we saw Mark Healy and a friend using their Move controllers to have two sculpted characters dance around an electric guitar. After a while, Healy’s character picked up a guitar, and suddenly more people are joining in for a bit of a jam session.

All on the Move.

Whether or not it lives under the LittleBigPlanet umbrella is up for debate. We have absolutely no idea what this game is going to end up like, or, in fact, anything beyond sculpting, creating, rocking out and that it’s on Move!

Who cares, we just want to live inside Media Molecule’s dreams.



  1. Muppets – The Dev Kit – The Game

    Sorry but I just don’t see it…

  2. Media Molecule’s presentation is the first thing I’ve seen for Move that I’ve wanted to play.

  3. This is what should have happened on the ps3 when move was first released. Glad it’s finally being used in this way though, looks very promising

  4. Looks like great fun and a good Move seller.

  5. Got really confused by this bit, my stream screwed up and then I got back in to find some creepy looking puppets playing musical instruments. Looks fantastically weird but fun.

  6. I loved the hand drawn presentation and the sculpting looked fun but i thought the puppets were awesome!

  7. The puppets thing looked amazing. I can see a massive audience for that. I used to do puppet shows for my mum* when I was a kid and this is just like that, but for the new generation.

    *Maybe I shouldn’t admit to such things.

  8. I dont know how possible it would be but I wonder if theyll make it into a full dev kit

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