Guerilla Games Show Off Killzone: Shadow Fall With Jimmy Fallon

Sony’s commitment to their next console generation is abundantly clear. Their willingness to get stuck in and address all the elements of the current generation that have worked against them is refreshing. One part of that is their clear desire to take on the US market.

So it’s nice to see them grabbing a chunk of time on Jimmy Fallon’s show to demonstrate Killzone: Shadow Fall. This game is visually stunning and it seems like it’s going to be the spearhead title in Sony’s early promotion of their next console.

Check out the segment in the video below.



  1. I don’t how he managed to play that bad O_o.

    • It’s part of the show. ;)

      • They should’ve shown off that Gaikai stuff where you can get someone else to play for you. :P

  2. This is the funniest game playing ever, you would think that Anderson dude would know how to play games after all he was a character in def jam fight for NY.

    I wonder if they had the ps4 there, what did they play on, since we don’t know what the ps4 looks like

  3. You’d have thought they would have at least given them a chance to learn the basic controls backstage beforehand no?
    Still looked amazing despite them being bloody useless!

  4. LOL! Well, not the best demonstration I think you’ll agree, either way I am itching to get my hands on this game. Love me some Killzone :D

  5. That was painful to watch….

  6. Sure they were crap at the game, but there seemed to be such a large amount of enthusiasm radiating off everyone in the room. Sony seem to be doing things very right at the moment. Pleasing considering the difficulties they’ve been facing of late.

    • Aye. That was superb! Couldn’t care less about most chat show stuff over in the US but this was silly and the screaming at each other only helped. God knows it’s like that in the real world during the tense moments when you realise you might actually kill your friend who’s on the sofa with you.

      Also, I liked it when they were shouting “share” as they were truly share-worthy moments of utter nonsense.

  7. I don’t think anyone can say the conference footage was pre-rendered now

  8. Great, but you’d think Jimmy Fallon would’ve learned how to play a shooter by now; he’s had lots of ‘m on his show…

  9. lol very good

  10. “I’m a gamer”. Nah I don’t think so mate haha. I thought it was pre rendered for a bit as the guy did EXACTLY the same thing as at the Sony conference but then Jimmy took over and showed how bad he was. Awesome.

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