Bohemia Interactive Announce Arma 3 Alpha Test

It’s safe to say that the development path for Arma 3 hasn’t been the smoothest of journeys. Last year two of Bohemia Interactive’s employees were detained by Greek authorities over spying charges. Luckily the two were released in January on bail.

Bohemia Interactive have carried on with development of Arma 3 and have just announced that a public alpha test will be going live on March 5th, which is next Tuesday. However the public Alpha isn’t free for everyone, with players having to pay £19.99 (or EUR 24.99/$32.99) to access it. This bundle will include the game on release as well. You can get into the Alpha for free but must receive an invite from someone who has already bought access. The free pass will also restrict access to the multiplayer and modding tools.


There are two other packages also on sale. The Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition (£34.99/EUR 39.99/$49.99) will give players access to the Alpha, Beta and full game, with a soundtrack and a copy of Arma: Cold War Assault. The Supporter’s Edition (£59.99/$91.99/EUR 69.99) will give you all of that plus all DLC and a chance to be in the game credits.

The Beta is planned to start in Q2 2013 while the final game is planned for Q3.

Personally I wouldn’t pay  for access to an Alpha test.

The only other game I can think of off the top of my head that also followed this model was Minecraft and that cost £8. I understand the need for a developer to raise funds for continued development, but the price for the Alpha in this case seems a bit high. If I were to pick a pack then the Deluxe Edition seems to offer a lot more value for money.

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  1. Ouch. £34.99 isn’t so bad for the full game with Alpha access, and I’d guess that’s what people will go for most. £19.99 alone is just a fat rip-off. Not to mention how broke the game may be on release even though there are these community Alphas. Great game engine, a year ago I would have loved to get my coding hands on to it, but way to busy to be sucked in nowadays.

  2. By PC standards, even £35 for the game is quite expensive, so £20 just to access the Alpha is ridiculous. Do you know how many invites people can send? I can see people sharing the cost if they can invite each other, which makes a bit more sense.

  3. ArmA never grabbed me like Op Flash, it had beaucoup glitches rendering the game fubar. Op Flash was not a completely smooth ride either, but seemed more polished and realistic.
    And no, I certainly wouldn’t pay for a beta.

  4. £20 for alpha access? I want whatever they’re smoking, complete rip-off.

    • Article is wrong its £19.99 for alpha+full game

      • Source? That sounds far more plausible and makes sense. For £20 Arma 3 is a bargain, so I may get it.

      • You were right, it clearly here says you also get access to the full game:
        It should be available to pre-order on Steam from next Tuesday, looking forward to it!

      • Source really ? there is four types of game alpha lite which is invite only and then for £19.99 alpha which alpha +full game then if you are abit more flush there is digital deluxe edition which 39.99E and finally there is the supporter edition which is everything that the other 3 have plus any future dlc forum badge and your name in the credits this is 69.99 euro.

        Sorry for the lack of punctuation and grammar but this is more informative than the article.

      • “This bundle will include the game on release as well.”

      • Ah my bad! Should learn to read deeper into it in the future.

  5. I call it lack of “funding”. Meaning, why use their money, when they can use yours. No thanks.

    • Lack of funding? I call it jumping on the band wagon tbh, if EA can do it and get away with it why can’t a smaller company do it as well?

      I’d rather support BI on any given day than some of these AAA studios.

      And guys read into to it before you start bashing saying £20 for an Alpha is a rip off!!!!!

  6. Do you lot not do any research on a game ?
    Its 19.99 for alpha+full game , check for full info.

  7. I’m guessing the article was stealth edited because it clearly states that 20 Pounds gets you Alpha + the full game, which is not a bad deal.

    • Pretty sure it never said that to begin with but you know, I’ve been known to misread stuff in the past so don’t put it past me! :)
      Either way, £20 for the alpha & full game is a much better deal and I’d quite happily go for that if I had the money spare.

    • I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss-read it the first time either, and I find it hard to believe all these other people here did too, so I’m with you that it was a ninja edit.
      Plus “Personally I wouldn’t pay for access to an Alpha test” is fairly misleading in itself and implies the full game was not included.

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