Uncharted 3 Now Free To Play, Digital Version Also Available

As we reported yesterday, Uncharted 3 is now free to play. Or, rather, the multiplayer portion is. The game’s latest patch – 1.07 – opens up the online aspect of the game for everybody, although it’s not without a little caveat or two.


Firstly, there’s a level cap (which comes with an unlock if you want to move beyond the limits of the free version) just like Sony did with Killzone 3’s free multiplayer and there’s a digital version of the full game which is now available (or will be shortly) from the PSN Store.

There’s also a ‘platinum’ level in the tournaments.

Expect full details from PlayStation or Naughty Dog at some point today.



  1. Good timing. Borrowing my brothers spare ps3 this week in preparation for Beyond and Last of Us, looks like I can play this while I’m waiting :)

  2. so if you don’t have the game (I sold mine) then you can download the MP and play it?

  3. I wonder if you need an unlock if you have already activated an online pass?

    • Did Uncharted have an online pass? I didn’t think Sony exclusives had them?

      • all sony titles after a certain point have online passes.
        those with mutliplayer anyway.
        and Uncharted 3 came out after that point i’m sure.

  4. Yoda you are.

  5. does that mean if i buy a used uncharted 3 i can get the platinum? =p

    • Don’t think so as I don’t think you get access to the co-op for free.

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