Wii Mini Gets a UK Release Date

When Nintendo unveiled their Wii Mini, most of us scoffed. It’s a Wii, with no WiFi access and no Gamecube backwards compatibility. Because there was no WiFi, you can’t connect to the online store and buy games. You can’t buy those Virtual Console games. You can’t play online. There’s no SD card slot. But it was only released in Canada and it was cheap at just $99 CAD.

Well, now it’s coming to the UK on March 22nd.


Nintendo doesn’t mention a price in their press release but that $99 CAD price is currently converting to just a little over £63. With the second hand market for Wii consoles as busy and as cheap as it is, this seems like an odd proposition – especially considering all of the removed features. You can buy a new Wii on eBay for £40 and you can regularly get second hand ones, often with some games or the balance board for £50-£60.

The Wii Mini comes in black with a red border around it and you get a red Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck in the box. Even if you’re thinking of buying a cheap Wii to catch up on some of the great platform exclusives (the system is home to the Mario Galaxy games and several of the best JRPGs of the past 5 years), the Wii Mini seems like a strange choice.

It’s being pitched as a “family friendly” console (because it doesn’t connect to the internet, where the perverts live) and there will be some additions to the Nintendo Selects range of budget games, including Mario Party 8 and Wii Sports Resort – both games which almost require more than one player, so prepare to spend another £50 on controllers, at least, to enjoy them.

There’s no pack-in game with the Wii Mini.

Source: Press release



  1. I like the redesign and color choice but the removed features are a deal breaker. I’d rather wait a year or two and pick up a cheap Wii U.

  2. I don’t see the point of it.

  3. It’s clearly just to get it on store shelves for £60 direct from Nintendo and shore up their low end a little. Though a ton of this stuff will sell on ebay, there will also be tons of people who might nab one of these off the shelf, and wouldn’t even think of ebay for buying a games console.

    This is quite obviously not for gamers, just as CBeebies isn’t really for anyone with the capability of speech.

    • oh so not a fan of Mr Tumble then Tef?

  4. Love the black and red although the controller needs toning down. However, interesting price point and total lack of features.

  5. Oh dear.
    I suppose it is an ok entry into games for little ‘uns. Though, as pointed out, shopping around gets you a full fat Wii and perhaps even a game. Parents wishing to keep kids offline – just don’t connect the device, as explained in “Dummies Guide To Your Kids And Games”.

    As bunimomike said – great choice in colours though.

  6. The only reason I can see for someone to buy this over the other models (which are still pretty mini) is if it’s quieter. My Wii makes at least as much noise as my phat PS3, maybe even more.

    • that sound broken matey?

      • No, it’s actually quite new. It’s just the fan. Maybe I notice it more because I sit closer to it than my PS3. (Also the Playstation has a surround system muffling it).

        So there we have it; if you’re looking for a japanese, small home console, buy a regular Wii and place it further away!
        And on that bombshell…

  7. I must say it does look very nice but I see no reason for it. As you say normal Wii consoles can be bought on eBay for pennies!

    • Saying that if you bundle this with Just Dance and another controller for £50 ish you’ve bagged yourself a lot of sales.

  8. I just had a look at a review on YouTube, it doesn’t really look that mini, in fact I get the impression that it will take up more space on your telly unit than the original because of the way the discs go in. The build quality doesn’t look great either. Not appealing so far.

  9. Aesthetic-wise it’s the perfect Nintendo console, and reminds me of the NES a little – feature-wise perhaps it’s also the perfect Nintendo console, as they don’t have to worry about the online offering!

  10. i quite like the design, but the feature set?

    what were they thinking?
    no internet, even if you plug in an official ethernet adaptor from what i’ve read.

    and worst of all, only a composite connection.
    but hey, maybe some people like that old composite bleedovision, can’t imagine who, but you never know
    seriously, that’s just one step up from tuning it in.
    i honestly can’t remember what the last console i had to tune in was, might have been the nes.
    so this is up to the level of snes technology. state of the art. o_O

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