Japanese Price Drop Sees Vita Outsell Wii U

The PS Vita has beaten the Wii U’s weekly sales figures for the first time in Japan.  Whilst both consoles continue to struggle on their home soil, Sony’s recent announcement of a price drop, and early retailer adoption, boosted the Vita to weekly sales of 11,456 units while the Wii U achieved 9,633.

To put the Media Create figures published into context however, both consoles were outsold by the PS3 at 18,529 and utterly trounced by the 3DS’s 74,729 units.

Whilst both the 3DS and PS3 are cheaper, with larger back catalogues, the lack of AAA software for both the Vita and the Wii U must surely be keeping consumers away.  Both companies will be hoping that titles like Soul Sacrifice, Killzone: Mercenary, Pikmin 3 and Bayonetta 2 will boost sales for their newest entries in the hardware market.

It’s safe to say that Western retailers believe that both consoles need a drop in price to drive sales, though the Japanese companies seem reluctant to do so.



  1. Europe needs this, the vita would shine, developers would develop

  2. Well my Vita’s up for sale online; a lack of games and STUPID memory card prices simply make this console inviable for me now.

    • Oh, but there’s 153 games currently released according to Wikipedia, not counting the PS1, PSP, minis and mobile titles. And you can import a 32GB card, it’s a one time payment and worth the cost.

    • Don’t be so quick to sell it, I reckon the next two years will see some incredible action for the Vita.

    • lack of games is a getting so old it has loads.

      • Lack of handheld in your case bud.A bit naive of me but has anyone handed it in m8?

      • no mate will have to get a new one :(

  3. retailers are silly if they think a new console like the Wii U needs a price drop. Japan get God Eater 2 as well for the Vita, that will raise some sales I’m sure.

  4. Soul Sacrifice got an amazing score with Famitsu, 37/40. I wonder how much of a sales spike it’ll cause. Probably less than we want.

  5. Vita needs some decent games. Something from a big franchise like GTA.

  6. Should the sales not go down before a price drop and not UP?????

    • Retailers discounted the console before the official price drop date.

  7. Doooooooooooooomed!!


    I expect the west will get a price drop in time for Christmas and the PS4. The library will have a few more western friendly AAAs in it by then too. Until then Sony can afford to coast on so-so sales, knowing that the end of fiscal year figures will still look ok with a holiday boom.

    I can’t believe Pachter’s job is this easy.

  8. Vita is never going to pick up I fear. Wii U well that just needs games to sell. They better start something up though because once the next gen start launching they will both get forgotten.

    • If Sony get the remote play right with the PS4 I can see the Vita selling well.

    • That doesn’t even make sense Bilbo.

      1) Vita is widely regarded as amazing hardware for a handheld.
      2) Wii U is widely regarded as average hardware for a console. (Neither next gen, nor really current gen). I’ve tried a bunch of Wii U demos and found them no better that current PS360 quality.
      3) Both need good games to sell well (duh)
      4) Once the next gen starts Vita has a distinct tie-in (with PS4). Wii U has nothing.

  9. We all know what needs to happen, there’s more than enough games for this great little machine, yes I’ve finally got one! It’s the price of both the unit itself & the horrendous pricing of its propriatory memory cards! C’mon Sony, you know we HAVE to have a card, why price them at such a ludicrous RRP? Should be half that at least!

  10. I think it’s too late now to save Vita, a price drop over here will merely temporarily boost sales, but probably won’t be enough to bring it back to life.

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