Take A Look At The Dead Space Graphic Novels And Art Book [Video]

We took some video to show off the recently released graphic novel, Dead Space: Liberation, as well as the two that came before it.

We also have a look through the fantastic (and huge) book, The Art of Dead Space. This beautifully presented tome is packed with concept art and design processes as well as plenty of insight into how they built a convincing world and characters to inhabit it.



  1. Peter, your wallpaper behind you is cool. Looks like it moves and everything ;)

    • heh, we’ve got a better background to use for future stuff too – that one was just my quick attempt but Lewis has made a proper fancy one :)

  2. Yay! Green screen!

    • total ballache to set up but it’s better than looking at the dirty plates on the counter top in my kitchen, right?

      • Can you post a pic of the plates so we can make a decision on that?

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