Sony Registers “”

Microsoft has done a great job of advertising Lynx to Xbox 360 owners, but up until now the PlayStation platforms haven’t seen quite the same flooding of non-game ads.

However, a quick check of any new domain names has pointed to a new registration by Sony Pictures overnight in the shape of – the domain doesn’t resolve anywhere but the intentions should be fairly obvious.

What’s curious is that this domain wasn’t registered by Sony Computer Entertainment, rather their movie picture division – perhaps we’ll only be seeing ads from Sony produced movies?

Technically the PSN falls under the umbrella of the SEN (a name that still confuses a little).

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  1. That PS4 interface sure does look apt for some adverts! As long as the PSN is still free, and doesn’t go down as often then I don’t mind a few ads.

    • Relevant advertising works best when targeted to those invested. Advertising to paid subscribers actually makes more sense than to anyone else.

  2. Well given that SCE has never had any outside advertising, makes sense Pictures would be heading it up, seeing as they sell ad space on the front of (and in) their movies, as well as for certain TV channels.

  3. As long as ads are only on free model I don’t mind.
    Advertising has no effect on my life. If I see an and I’m less likely to buy said product. I can’t watch ITV because of over advertising. I hat it.

  4. Perhaps Sony Pictures has the staff & infrastructure to monetise the SEN, including what we think of as the SEN.

    As mentioned, the PS4 interface looks ripe for ads & promotional opportunities in a similar way to what’s pushed to the fore of the PlayStation Store.

    Oh well, at least the games will be free. It will be just £2.99 per vehicle or weapon & further 99p for new tyres or ammo.

  5. I hope it’s not part of the PS4 interface – adverts are one of the things I loathe about the 360. If they’re optional in some way, or only on the basic PSN package then that’d be alright.

  6. Let’s not forget Sony has a patent for mid-game advertising too.

    • Let’s do a Kickstarter to get a proper follow up console to the Megadrive/SNES into production. Instant loading cartridges compulsory & wonderful new business models not invited.

    • That just makes me think of last years Black Mirror, where the characters were forced to watch adverts in their pods. I don’t mind advertising, it’s obvious TV adverts are losing effectiveness, but to have it creep into the PlayStation like this is just disappointing. I suppose I’ve grown up without blatant adverts in games and just don’t want it. I still don’t want SingStar on my console either, I really don’t like it.

  7. It was bad enough having ads on the ‘boot-up’ of Wipeout HD, something Sony then removed, IF they become a key part of the PS4 dash in the same way the current 360 dashboard is, i.e riddled with the damn things!, expect them on both the free and paid for models.

    I hope Sony’s investing as much time and energy into the servers as it is looking at putting adverts out, because hearing of yet more ‘unplanned downtime’ for PSN does not exactly inspire confidence rhat Sonys infastructure is in place to deliver anything near all of whats being planned for PS4 and Vita.

  8. The constant advertising is one of the reasons why my Xbox doesn’t get switched on anymore.

  9. The movie division? this is actually very good thing, the empathy generated by the movie (music too) industry is what the world desperately needs right now.
    If you don’t believe this, then you’re going to get angry.

  10. Let’s all clap your hands and cheer for the marvelous next gen consoles \(^_^)/

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