Deep Silver Teasing Huge Announcement At PAX East

Deep Silver is getting ready to make a big announcement, at least according to one of their employees, Aubrey Norris.

It could be something to do with upcoming title Dead Island: Riptide, which releases a month after PAX East, though what that would be I don’t know. Or it could be something much bigger.


When THQ closed down Deep Silver picked up the rights to Metro Last Light and the Saint’s Row franchise. Metro will be launching in May. Unless there’s a huge shift in what we already know of that game, there really is only one likely major announcement that Deep Silver could make, and that is a new Saint’s Row game.

It’s probable that THQ had already started on development for the next instalment of the series, so Deep Silver will already have had some foundations to develop on, at least a year’s worth. This likelihood gains slightly more weight if we figure in a tweet from Chris Stockman, who worked on the first Saint’s Row as a Design Director.

A release date of Autumn 2013 is possible, and a current gen release would be a sound decision financially as the fan base is already established. A next gen release may also be possible, but I’d guess that would need more time to develop and may miss the next gen launch because of the extra work, though that’s just speculation.

PAX East will be happening from the 22nd to the 24th of March so we’ll know exactly what Deep Silver are planning then.

Source: Twitter



  1. I know Ascaron closed down, but I’d still love for it to be Deep Silver announcing Sacred 3.

    • They did, if you look up Google you might find so information on it but sadly… there doesn’t seem to be anything from it lately?

  2. More Saints Row is fine with me. Recently finished the co-op on SR3 which was a good blast. :-)

  3. Yeah Saints Row 3 was a breath of fresh air, so SR4 would be welcomed with open arms.

  4. If it’s Saints Row 4 I will celebrate by drop kicking an old lady before thrashing her senseless with a giant dildo. It seems appropriate.

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