The Last Of Us Demo With Ascension Not Available Until May 31st

Promised with the purchase of God of War: Ascension was an exclusive The Last Of Us demo. Confirmed by Naughty Dog, via twitter, this demo won’t be available until the 31st May.

This is much later than originally planned, and only two weeks before the full release of The Last Of US, which is on June 14th.

Although it’s still another good reason to buy Ascension, for which you can read the full review here, an exclusive demo only two weeks before release doesn’t feel worthy.

Given the tweet states the demo will be ‘accessible early’ for God Of War players we can probably assume a public demo will available shortly after.


Source: Twitter.


  1. That sucks. Although ascention might be a more reasonable price by then. I’d hoped/assumed the demo would be on release or at least near it. I guess I’ll just have to wait :(

    • ugh


  2. Disappointing, I wasn’t buying it just for the TLoU demo but since the reviews for Ascension, the inclusion of the demo was helping to keep the scales balanced for me. I guess i’ll be more enthused about Ascension come May 31st.

  3. This is bullshit ND! I was hoping to play the demo next week. Whats the bloody point 2 weeks before release. Makes no sense!

    • Yeh it’s annoying, I’d the demo be like a month before rather than two weeks.

  4. I also think you would of had alot more poeple buying gow just for the demo.

  5. Was waiting for them to pull a stunt like this. When you read the product description of GOW:A on GAME, Amazon, etc they all mention that the demo can be accessed directly from the disk /when it becomes available/. As soon as I read that I assumed it would become unlocked closer to the release date. Still, two weeks is a little too close to release day, can’t see many people getting too excited over this.

  6. Well, this is a bit of a middle finger to those who bought GOW:A due to the demo. This means two things. Either they have fallen behind schedule and decided to delay the demo or they feel that the game will be rubbish and are going to mislead everyone with a brillant demo. :S Or SCEE lost the only working demo in existance and ND now have to create another one. :p

    I would rather wait for the reviews then play a demo 2 weeks before release.

  7. not bothered would never by a game for a demo.

  8. Chill people. It’s only a little longer. Good things n all that…

  9. No different to the resident evil 6 demo that came with dragon’s dogma and the wait was even longer in that case. Doesn’t make it right of course.

  10. So people who buy the game will get it the same time as everyone else. This has been done before I believe with other games. It’s very naughty.

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