Sony Offers Prince Of Persia Trilogy For Just £7.99 Alongside Other Titles In New Sale

Sony Europe’s new sale – which kicks off today as part of the PSN Store Update – is ‘expedition’ themed and offers a good chunk of cheap adventuring for anyone looking to fill their hard drives.


In among the offers (full list here) are the nicely priced Prince of Persia Trilogy (£7.99) and Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition for the same price. Elsewhere, I Am Alive is just £5.99, Far Cry 2 is £7.29 and there’s a couple of Tomb Raider titles and a cheap Dante’s Inferno for a few European countries.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, whilst still a little pricey compared to the iOS versions, is a brilliant game for £4.79 too.

The deal lasts until the 27th of March.



  1. Oh well that’s annoying, just spent £10 getting PoP from eBay! Just started Sands of Time again, looks lovely!

    I am Alive is worth a go for that price, I really enjoyed the game.

  2. Cool, i’m yet to pick up I Am Alive so this could be the ideal time.

  3. Weird, I was thinking about buying IAA this morning.
    Going to have to now.

  4. Also 10% off all prices for plussers.

  5. Dead Island seems a steal at that price (and another 80p off for Plussers as well). Think I’ll give it a go.

    But then I get that feeling that it could be a PS+ game in the future and it puts me off buying. I’ve also got so much content I could be playing seems daft to spend even a paltry £8 to add something to the long list of unplayed games. PS+, what have you done!

    • Good point on it being a potential plus game soon.

    • But this is the GOTY edition and they would probably offer the normal version.

      • That’s a good point too as it goes.

      • Are 18+ rated games given away on plus? If so, is that not a litte risky on who can & can’t download it?

        I don’t think Dead Island is a game kids should be anywhere near.

      • One of the reply guys over on the EU blog says this will not be part of the plus instant game collection any time soon…
        Plenty of fun game to be had in this game if played co op, I was about to buy the DLC for £7.99 so instead traded my disc copy in for a fiver and bought the GOTY off the store instead, Bargain

      • I have no idea how to edit, sorry
        But just to add;
        Yeah there have been a few 18 rated games free on plus, Dead Space 2 springs to mind, God of war and Borderlands may be rated 18 too.
        I would hope it has something to do with the master/sub accounts on the Playstation network
        Guess you have to have a master account (over 18) not a sub account for plus ?

  6. Two thrones is the only one worth getting, easy to platinum the other 2 stressful & outdated

    • The two thrones was my least favourite when I played them on PS2 all those years ago.

      • Seriously no way! That’s the only PoP game I ever finished & replayed it more than once on the original Xbox. Even platinum on ps3. Sands of time & warrior within, just didn’t capture me in

  7. I’ll give I Am Alive a go at that price as I quite enjoyed the demo.

  8. Forced 4:3 zoom instead of true widescreen, no bloom shaders whatsoever… Forget this ugly port and get the PC trilogy on Steam.

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