Check Out Call of Jaurez Gunslinger’s Gameplay Trailer And Screens

Let’s be frank: the last Call of Juarez was a bit of a dog. I reviewed it and scored it 3/10, some have even accused me of being a tad generous with that score. But Gunslinger has always looked a little more promising, dragging the series back to its Wild West roots.

Now we have some concept artwork, some rendered screens and this trailer to help us regain faith in the series ahead of its return to our consoles as a downloadable title later this year.

Ubisoft and Techland are evoking the names of some real Wild West legends like Billy the Kid, John Wesley Hardin, Butch Cassidy, Pat Garrett and Jesse James for this journey through the dusty history of outlaws and lawmen in the near-lawless region between the bustling melting pot on America’s east coast and the gold-rich paradise of the west coast.

It’s all looking like a very bloody, explosive visit to an era that holds some fantastic opportunities for a great game. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more about this one.


  1. Didn’t bother with the Cartel, looked turd. But this looks promising! Wild West can be such a cool and atmospheric setting.

  2. Well this looks like it could be good. Dont see that it could be as good as RDR, but will hopefully be a decent western romp at least.

  3. Very happy they returned back to the original setting. The first game had some good mechanics & gameplay. The wild west genre doesn’t get the attention it deserves, but maybe i’m biased, as I love w.west movies & having it done well in a game is a childhood dream come true. When I played RDR, it was just how I imagined a w.west game should be.

  4. I remember being excited at the video for the first game, picking it up day one and being utterly disappointed by the linear, heavily scripted gameplay. ( i don’t mind linearity in games btw, just was expecting more of an open-world western FPS… which RDR subsequently provided deliverance for..)
    Seemingly the second game was worse so it’ll be interesting to see if third time’s the charm.

    • Forgot how linear the campaign was, most of my time was spent online due to that. Hope they go for the Farcry approach.

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