Assassin’s Creed Rising Phoenix Listed As PS Vita Game

Exactly one week ago a mysterious screen leaked onto the Internet for an Assassin’s Creed game called Rising Phoenix – there wasn’t much to it but it looked interesting enough. By pure coincidence a mysterious image has leaked onto the internet for the last three or four Assassin’s Creed games well before they were officially announced.

You would think that after so many security breaches the Ubisoft offices would be sealed with a laser perimeter, enforced by fully armed robotigers which shred anyone sneaking out screenshots to the press. After all, leaked images completely screw up carefully constructed PR campaigns which begin generating hype months before a game is released.


The most certainly not leaked on purpose screen showed some sort of office or laboratory and the words ‘Assassin’s Creed Rising Phoenix’. “One other possibility is that there’s surely going to be another Vita game to tie in with the release later this year of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag,” hypothesised Peter when the first image was leaked.

Phoenix Rising!

It appears so, as a Spanish games retailer has listed the game today. Whodathunk? Ubisoft are currently not commenting on the story, as you might expect.




  1. I do enjoy your sarcasm TC.

    • *does best impression of a cute and innocent cuddly wikkle bearcub*

  2. This is great news for the Vita, I loved Liberation. It at least shows enough confidence from Ubisoft to get behind the platform for its second AC game. I really hope this gets other 3rd parties to support Vita.

  3. You gotta love ubi, they will push out all their titles to anything that plays them. Great news, lets hope the MP is better than Lib

  4. I’d be very happy to have more AC on Vita, I’d also be happy if they didn’t release one every year on home consoles.

  5. Ubisoft does seem a bit leaky but I guess that’s a symptom of having so many studios around the world who all seem to work on bits of just about every game they publish. I’m almost certain that this image leak wasn’t a fake PR drip-feed though.

    • Really? Care to comment on the second image that, by a miracle of coincedence, has suddenly leaked at the *exact same time* when every major site is reportin this product listing?

      How handy for the sites to have an extra image to discuss!

      • And via All Games Beta as well, with no source or comment.

      • As far as I know (and I’m confident I know a little bit more than you in this case) these leaks are nothing to do with Ubi PR. That’s all I can say, even if it was my place to comment.

        Hanlon’s Razor is often fitting in these cases: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

  6. Is the Vita worth buying?

    I had a PSP and hardly played it, though I love Uncharted and AC though not sure if its worth buying a VIta for just a handful of games.

    • Well I’ve played my psp a handful of times but spent many a happy hour on the vita. Get the vita get ps+ and never buy a game again :-)

    • There are loads of fab games for Vita.

      • Yeah I have PS+ though I didnt think until recently to nab the Vita ones just in case I bought one so I have missed out on some good titles there I feel. but considering I can only really afford to buy one new game a year it seems which normally ends up being assassins creed I feel I may be a lil screwed If i bought a new piece of kit. Esp with PS4 looming

    • I felt like I cheated Sony by only getting Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush just on PS+, they’re both easily worth the price of a full console game!

  7. That’s great news for the Vita. More high profile games are very welcome. I have yet to play ACIII or Liberation, though…

  8. I saw “Fully armed robotigers” scrolled up and, sure enough, Tuffcub did write the article. ;)

    Another Vita title’s nice, especially a big franchise like Assassin’s Creed although i’m still yet to play the first AC Vita game though. Hopefully i’ll get around to that soon.

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