Sony Stock Jumps 11 Per Cent As Japanese Markets Close Strongly

Sony hasn’t had a very happy few years on the financial markets. We seem to have a new story about their debts, layoffs, restructuring or lowering ratings with creditors every month or two. So it’s nice to be able to publish a more positive story about their financial situation for a change.

The Nikkei, Japan’s financial market, closed at a four and a half year high last night. That’s after the Dow Jones in the US closing at an all-time record high early last week. The Nikkei’s fortune is most likely linked to speculation that their central bank, under new leadership, is set to ease monetary policy.


In this more buoyant market, Sony’s stock has had a decent jump of 11 per cent. That comes after Daiwa Securities raised their investment rating of the company from neutral to “buy”. The turnaround follows the huge success of Sony’s latest flagship Android smartphone in Japan. The Xperia Z has been the top seller for four straight weeks.

The 11 per cent rise in stock value sees Sony’s highest stock closure in 11 months and is great news for the company who look like they have a chance at turning a profit in fiscal 2014, the financial year the PlayStation 4 goes on sale.

Source: Reuters



  1. Reaction to the GS4 announcement being an utter shambles perhaps?

    • I think the market closed before that but it is linked with the Xperia Z doing so well in Japan.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised to see similar sales results in Europe either which would be fantastic for them.

  2. The GS4 wasn’t a shambles, it’s kinda a GS3 S…. An evolution rather than a revolution. Not enough of a jump for me to replace my S3 though.

    Good for Sony, I want them to do well as the PS is my platform of choice.

  3. Just picked up an Xperia Z myself, its a bloody great phone to be fair.

  4. Well done Sony, I’ve read good things about their new phone. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going and turn use it well.

  5. great news for Sony I want there new phone & the tablet.

  6. Also interesting to see the many stories around the ‘net where they start of with the likes of “in light of the recent PS4 news and devs unanimously being excited about Sony’s offering” considering the horrid backlash straight after the event.

    What’s amazing is how positive people are talking about the console’s hardware in comment sections.

    Well done, Sony. Keep up the good work!

  7. I am close to getting the SONY Xperia Z(or ZL) :P It had the ‘KAZ WOW!!! FACTOR’ LoL:D i.e NO ‘WOW FACTOR’ for the Samsung GS4 yesterday really for me + i just hope SONY don’t mess-up E3 with a high PS4 price or all their hard work will have been for nothing :( Saying that whatever SONY will do the internet & gaming sites will slag them off. Oh well.

    • You are a little bit silly. Sony make mistakes and get slagged off for it. Microsoft make mistakes and get slagged off it.

      Sony do something good and they get praised for it. Microsoft do something good and they get praised for it.

      • On TSA yes, you’re right.

        On the rest of the largely US centric gaming press it’s not so straight forward. JBoo has a point, Sony hate has been very popular for at least the past 7 years, it gets hits apparently.

    • Crap! Guys, Jboo’s discovered our secret plan to slag off Sony! PANIC! Because Sony never ever make any mistakes ever and are gods. All hail Sony! HAIL SONY!

      Why do you keep accusing sites of being biased? Okay, some sites are baised but a majority of them are not. If Sony cocks up, they will get reported, if MS cocks up, they will get reported and so forth.

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