This “The Phantom Pain” (Joakim Mogren) Interview Is All Kinds Of Crazy

Everyone assumes that Moby Dick’s The Phantom Pain is related (heavily) to Metal Gear Solid 5. It has to be, especially as the game’s main head, Joakim Mogren is almost certainly Hideo Kojima. Re-arrange the letters in Joakim, for example, and you’ll see what we mean.

So, anyway, apparently yesterday Geoff Keighley interviewed Mogren about the game, with the latter appearing in bandages and not really giving very much away apart from attempting to keep up the ruse that Moby Dick are Swedish and completely unrelated to MGS.

But – and we’d be tempted to believe this – rumours are that the sections with Mogren are actually CG. Running on Kojima’s Fox Engine. He and Keighley are never in the same frame, for starters. It’s a bizarre interview all round, but that’s the likely explanation.

Hopefully we’ll get more (and some truth) at GDC in a few weeks.


  1. The video is back to front.

  2. Amazingly, wonderfully, brilliantly silly.

  3. How bizarre. Im not really convinced that Joakim is CG, he doesn’t look artificial at all and he could just have been interviewed over webcam. The trailer clips are really weird, the big flaming helicopter munching whale doesn’t really make me think of Metal Gear, none of it does really. All in all it’s some good hype, ad I think the only conclusion can be that the plot thickens!

    • All I could think of was it looked like the protagonist (who looked very much like Snake) was in a hospital, could be a mental hospital. That would loosely explain the whale and horse I guess.

      • Ah true, maybe it could be a back story for one of the characters with troubled upbringings, like Grey Fox or (groan) Raiden?

      • Well the whole arm missing part is related to Solid Snake and Liquid Snake isn’t it? They used Big Bosses arm to clone them both. It would make sense with the current game title and also with him holding his prosthetic arm up. Maybe him dealing with that physcologically could play a big part in the game.

      • Ohhh good shout. That could be right. It actually looked pretty good, and I can’t watch that video and not think Metal Gear Solid.

        Don’t mind if it isn’t Solid. I managed to play the whole of MGS 3 before I worked out I wasn’t playing as the usual “dude”. Just thought they had screwed up timelines :P

      • Big Boss loses one of his hands in the original metal gear game. It could be set between that and the first solid one. And the chances are he is tripping from all the pain killers and things he is on.

        The game title might have something to do with his hand, as amputees sometimes feel like their hand is still there and they can feel pain in it. i think they call is phantom limb syndrome.
        Later on he gets a synthetic hand back, so i think it is probably set in the 70s or 80s before they could do that in MGS. If its even about MGS at all.

  4. As one of the video comments said, it’s good that they are doing all of this as the build up to the game. It’s fun and mysterious instead of all the boring, normal PR stuff. I also think that Joakim was CG.

  5. Looks intriguing. Also funny clip.

  6. I wish Kojima would stop TW*TING about LoL:D
    + If he wants ‘maximum’ publicity for MGS5 just say –
    ‘MGS5 will be PS4 ONLY’!!! :P There you go – the internet will go BOOM!!! :D

    • The internet would go more mental if they announced it as a Next Xbox exclusive. That would be hilarious (and sad).

    • I wish it was :D

  7. I wonder how much Keighley charges to pretend to be a journalist in this sort of PR pantomime? I hope it’s enough that he can make the switch full time soon.

    Great stuff from Konami and KojiPro to get everyone talking like this, as weird as it all is. If that face is CG then it’s really good CG (and I want it in lieu of a new running T-Rex on a PS4 demo disk)

  8. What a weird interview. It did get me interested in the game fottage, though, so I guess it worked. :)

  9. Not Hideo and not CG imo .. doesn’t make it any less intriguing though!

  10. Its CGI look at his eyes, they move too smoothy and his lips don’t quite sync…!

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