Top 1% Of Trophy Hunters Being Asked To Join Elite New Sony Program

Are you a PlayStation MVP? Apparently, according to IGN, Sony are recruiting for the “most highly-engaged members of the PlayStation community” and are starting with the top 1% of Trophy hunters – if you’re up there with the very best, perhaps you got an email from Sony overnight.

“They are experts on everything related to PlayStation and are some of the most influential and important members of the PlayStation Nation,” says the email pushed out overnight.

“They are the types of players that spend their spare time helping other gamers get their stats up. They help run online events on the PlayStation Network. They create game walk-throughs, blog about their favorite games, and support their fellow gamers on places like the official PlayStation forums.”

The email links through to a form asking for PSN ID and Email ID, a couple of things you’d think Sony had access to if they were emailing you in the first place based on your Trophy count. There’s then a series of questions including “why do you want to be an MVP?” and a massive set of checkboxes.

These include pinning a tick on such attributes as “I enjoy persuading others” and “I need to know that someone understands my opinion”. It’s clear what this is all about.

Apparently applicants then need to wait 4-6 weeks to see if they’re in the program, which – to me at least – would seem to involve posting on forums a lot. Perhaps – if this is indeed all real and not an elaborate waste of time – Sony will push out something official we can all read.

We’ll see.

Source: IGN.


  1. There’s 3 guys on my friends list that crush trophies. Sony should definitely hit them up. Del the Crazed and Hazy to the Lamby ( see what I did there ) spring to mind as proskis!

    • Haha I like that xD
      Happy Birthday =D

  2. I use to hunt trophies massively, but simply hasn’t got the time for it more. Should be high enough though to be in top 1%, if they do this outside of US.

    • I’m in the same boat. I used to go for trophies all the time. Then I got a full time job…

  3. Damn it 5,750 trophies and no e-mail :(

  4. Most definately Del, always organising and participating in meets to help others and pass on his wisdom and helpful tactics in the trophy hunting stakes, not to mention the impressively huge Trophy count that he has built up.
    Go Del ;)

    • Oh Del’s a shoe in..

    • Thanks but I am not the only one you know. All TSA members organise and participate and help out trophies be it online or tips on campaign.
      But thanks =D

      • Yeah I know that Del, but out of the many ace people that do great work with organising meets and helping out etc. you are the only one that is chomping at the bit aiming towards 200 platinums! :P

      • Thanks freeze =)

  5. I got the email, I don’t even have that much trophies but it doesn’t matter I guess

  6. Damn, I’m have a working PSOne (grey one), fat PS2 (working), a fat PSP, fat PS3 and PS Vita. All console purchased as soon as possible. My game count at home is about 160+ “PlayStation platform only games” for now. But, who gives a f&*%, right ? :(

    • PS. Finally , LVL 2 at thesixthaxis :)

  7. if Del doesn’t get this I’ll eat my dualshock

    • I didn’t get an email but please do send a pic as proof =P

  8. Quite a nice gesture from Sony but in the end I do not see the point of even having trophies. Don`t get me wrong as I understand the people that plat out the games and try to experience everything that the game has to offer but I simply do not have the time or will to do a replay of the game I just finished … except if that game is Mass Effect or Dragon Age :)
    So congrats to the gamers that will be the 1% ;)

  9. Trophies? Pah, never bothered them from the start, I don’t see the point in them personally.

  10. They have a rewards program by now…..

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